March 2022 horoscopes predict a month of lucky breakthroughs

The stars are aligned in March 2022 and it’s time to pick up the pace. Learn what your astrology has in store for the month to come! Follow me for daily insight or read 2022 predictions for your zodiac sign or your 2022 love life and relationship horoscopes now!


The universe has brought you powerful intuition and dreams as of late, Aries, and this trend will continue in March. A new moon in the most private sector of your sky arrives on the second, unlocking even more visions and daydreams for you. Use this energy to truly dig deep within you to decide what you’d like to manifest in the year to come. Healing, relaxation and meditation could nourish you deeply. However, get ready for your social life to erupt as Venus and Mars dance into this zone beginning the sixth, for weeks to come. You’ll be feeling quite popular and festive, so shake it up on the town with your crew. Online dating will go especially well for singles. Next, a full moon in your productivity arena arrives on the 18th, bringing culmination to an important employment project. You could be polishing off a big endeavor for your job, switching employers or decide it’s time to move in a new professional direction. Happily, when the sun ignites your zodiac sign beginning the 20th, a vibrant birthday season awaits! Celebrate life, Aries.

March will be a magical month!Getty ImagesTAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20)

When it comes to celebrating life, you are in one of your favorite years ever, Taurus. That is because you will likely be surrounded by many friends and acquaintances who truly love and support you. With a new moon in this social sector arriving on the second, you will likely attend a glamorous event in the days that follow it. You could also become quite popular, as people rush to support you and lift you up. Online dating will go well for singles, too, so get out there! Next to note will be the supercharged energy of Venus and Mars dancing into your professional sphere beginning the sixth for many weeks ahead. You’ll once again find that your ambitions are a top priority as you charge into new territory and blaze a trail like a shooting star in the night. New heights of success, fame and glory could all be yours if you’re on the right path. Yet, matters will turn your attention back to your heart’s desires come the full moon on the 18th. Romance, true love and passion will fill you up. Whether single or attached, use this lunation to have fun and be intimate. You will truly love March, Taurus. Soak it up.


Professional growth is at the top of your mind this year, but especially in March, Gemini! In fact, with the arrival of the new moon highlighting your ambitions on the second, a chance to rise higher could soon lay before you. Promotions, advancements and awards may dangle before you, but you’ll be asked how hard you wish to work toward them. If looking for a better job, use the week after this lunation. Next, as Venus and Mars dance into your sector of expansion, you’ll be eager to move in new directions. Academic, media, publishing or international matters could soon become important in the weeks ahead. Last to note is the echo of the full moon on the 18th that will resound like lightning. It highlights your family and domestic life, so you will see something of vital importance culminate around this now. Keep moving forward, Gemini. You’ve got this!


2022 will surely push you in vast new directions, but you may find that March is the month that effectively gives your wings flight, Cancer. A new moon in your expansion sector arrives like a firework upon the second, opening a doorway for you to pursue a newfound academics, media, publishing or international traveling matter. Time is of the essence to get your ducks in a row and find the courage to leap! Partnership will be especially important in the first week for you, but when Venus and Mars begin snuggling up in your intimacy sector beginning the sixth for weeks to come, you’ll find that sensuality and sharing is exactly what you need. Settlements, investments and assets could also see a surge of luck, too. Last to note this month will be the arrival of a full moon in your communications sector that appears on the 18th. This lunation could help you to debut an exhilarating writing, speaking or advertising initiative. Contracts may also pop up and be finalized within days of this lunation, too. The cosmos are embracing you, Cancer. Feel the love.


Intimacy and closer unions will be quite important in March for you, Leo. With the arrival of the new moon on the second, you’re eagerly feeling the urge to merge. Healthy relationships could grow much closer now, but toxic ones could split apart like sparks in the wind. Another way to capitalize on this energy is to tackle financial growth, especially in regards to investments and assets. When Mars and Venus begin dancing across the sky from you in your partnership zone beginning the sixth, even more cosmic energy is aiding your commitments and unions. Singles may find a soulmate, while those happily attached will begin discussing long-term plans. Last to note in a busy month will be the arrival of a full moon in your financial sphere that appears on the 18th. This lunation will bring even more money to your attention, in the form of a new stream of income or raise or even a hefty expense. No matter what, keep your attention on your budget and if you feel your job isn’t paying you enough, look for something else now, Leo.

All zodiac signs can be quite productive this month.Getty ImagesVIRGO (AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22)

Relationships will be the cornerstone of your life this year, Virgo, and you may find that March is the dazzling turning point you’ve been hoping for! Romance, camaraderie and commitment smile sweetly upon you, especially after the new moon on the second. Singles may find someone with long-term potential, while those happily attached could decide it’s time to make newfound plans: moving in, engagement or even marriage! Next, with Mars and Venus acting like two peas in a pod and dancing into your productivity sector beginning the sixth, you’ll become quite busy on the job with new responsibilities and projects. If unemployed or unhappy with your current employer, use this cosmic potential to find something that is a perfect fit. Last, with a powerful full moon thundering in your zodiac sign on the 18th, you are being given a chance to exert your dominance and show what makes you truly special. A heartfelt personal goal or plan will reach culmination and you can finally reach up to grasp it. Know you are worthy of everything you have ever dreamed, Virgo.


March promises to be quite fast-paced for you, Libra! With so much cosmic energy highlighting your productivity — and a new moon in this same sector arriving on the second, you will see more projects and responsibilities being loaded on your shoulders! If you’d like to assess your work-life balance, do so now; if you’d like to get a better job, you’re also quite in favor for this, too. Another way this could affect you is by helping you to improve healthy habits with a switch in your diet or fitness regiment. But don’t worry that the entire month is all work and no play because once Venus and Mars dance into your passion zone from the sixth onward, you’ll be seeing plenty of opportunities to explore pleasure, romance or creativity! Single Libras will have a spectacular moment to date around and may even meet a soulmate connection. Attached couples can bring the sex and spice back into their rapport. Last to mention is a full moon in your privacy zone that electrifies the night on the 18th. You’ll be feeling the urge to lie low, rest and recharge. Listen to the call to do so.


Buckle up for a rollercoaster of fun, Scorpio! March could be one of your favorite months in 2022! With so much sparkling energy highlighting your passions, heart’s desires and romance, you can expect pleasure everywhere you turn! The new moon on the second opens a doorway to improve your romantic life, so whether single or attached, make it a priority. Venus and Mars will dance into your domestic sphere beginning the sixth for weeks ahead, showing that relaxing at home will also be a big priority. Some Scorpios could be in the process of moving or fixing up their space, too. Spend time with family or host a dinner party: all lovely ways of enjoying the festive vibes! The last big note for the month will be a full moon in your social sector that arrives on the 18th. You could be feeling quite popular as you attend a glamorous event with friends who love and support you. If looking to network, the stars are also in your favor. No matter what, enjoy all the personal opportunities for growth at this time.

Celebrate this month!Getty ImagesSAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22 – DECEMBER 21)

Domestic and family matters are quite important for you now, Sagittarius. The new moon on the second opens a doorway to make an adjustment that will improve these areas for the year to come. If looking to move or get involved in real estate, you could find the perfect place now. If there’s been anything significant to hash out with family, that could also be quite crucial to deal with now. Next, as Venus and Mars march into your intellectual sector, you’ll be feeling curious about the world even more after the sixth. Short-distance travel and relations with siblings could be on the top of your mind in the weeks ahead. However, this could also see you quite busy working on communications-related projects. Last to mention will be a big moment for your professional life, as a full moon rocks this arena on the 18th and could put you in the spotlight for an achievement or promotion. Show the world who is boss, Sagittarius!


Your ideas, words and vision are expanding, Capricorn. Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been moving in new directions to look at the world from a different perspective and communicate what you’ve found. The new moon on the second will open the doorway for you to begin working on a milestone new communications project, whether in the form of a writing, speaking or advertising initiative. With Mars and Venus in your zodiac sign until the sixth, this will be the most important period for you to take the lead or pursue personal matters. While the rest of the month doesn’t favor romance for you, use that first week if you’re looking to make something new happen. Once Mars and Venus charge into your prosperity sector, you’ll become very focused on managing your finances or getting a new job. Last to mention in a busy month will be the arrival of a full moon in your expansion sector on the 18th. This lunation highlights your ability to pursue personal growth through academics, media projects or travel. Consider how one of these areas may help you to step out of your comfort zone in the year to come, Capricorn.


Wealth can be yours this year, Aquarius, especially with a new moon dawning in this sector on March 2. This lunation will open a doorway for you to increase your income, get a raise or else look for a better-paying job. Also, with Venus and Mars energizing your zodiac sign beginning on the sixth for weeks to come, you’ll have all the beauty, power and energy to tackle any personal or professional goal that you set your mind upon. Romance and relationships can also be quite sweet now, so no matter if you’re single or attached, make this an area of pursuit in March. To end the month, a full moon in your intimacy sector arrives on the 18th. This will likely bring culmination to a matter of giving-and-receiving, whether a significant discussion with a partner or even the exchange of financials in a settlement. Investment matters will also be favored then. Think big, Aquarius, the stars are on your side.

Manifest your desires through action by using the stars.Getty ImagesPISCES (FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20)

While all of 2022 will sparkle for you, Pisces, March could certainly be your favorite month of all. With a new moon in your zodiac sign appearing on the second, you are being gifted a cosmic birthday present from the universe to pursue your heart’s greatest desires. In the week following this lunation, dust off your vision board and start to make it happen! Luck is on your side. Your social life could be quite festive in the first week of the month, but after the sixth, with Venus and Mars in your sector of privacy, you may be choosing solitude, reflection and meditation over engaging with lots of people. Yet, a full moon in your relationship sphere arrives on the 18th — bringing a significant matter around union to your attention. While this could certainly give single Pisceans a chance to meet someone who will stick around for the long term, as well as those in happy connections a chance to move in, get engaged or become wed, those who aren’t on the same page will end up parting ways once and for all. Even if this were to take place, know that the year ahead will also bring plenty of opportunities to connect with soulmates, as well.

Predictions from my BFF and world-renowned psychic Calise Simone:

March could be your biggest month of 2022. Energy is aligning which makes this an excellent time to take a plunge on a new venture. Send a thought out to the universe of something you wish for and it can be yours. As the month comes to a close, have courage and be bold. Dare to dream, nothing is out of reach!

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