Man trolls dad with pornographic airport prank

It was a troll-away suitcase.

A UK dad was left red-faced after his son jerry-rigged his luggage to make pornographic “moans” in the middle of a crowded airport. A clip of the salacious suitcase gag is currently blowing up online as gawkers laud the lad for the dirty trick.

“The idea just came to me on the coach [to the airport], I thought of it on the spot,’” prankster Lewis Cullinan, 30, told SWNS of the risqué gag. It involved getting his dad to stick a Bluetooth speaker in his suitcase and then playing an X-rated file on his phone.

The Essex native had reportedly devised the prank with his mate while he and his father, Cudge Cullinan, 64, were at Alicante Airport on Sunday afternoon after a three-day bachelor party in Benidorm.

“On the coach, I asked my mate for his speaker and said I was going to put it in my dad’s bag,” explained Lewis. “I sent my mate the video of the noises and told him I was going to play it.”

The cheeky troll added, “He got in the queue for check-in with about 30 people behind him and I ran over and said my speaker didn’t fit in my bag and asked if I could put it in his.”

He then waited for his unsuspecting pops to “walk forward a bit” and gave his partner in crime the greenlight to press “play.”

“The idea just came to me on the coach [to the airport], I thought of it on the spot,” said prankster Lewis Cullinan.Kennedy News and MediaThe resultant 30-second clip starts off with prank victim Cudge walking through the airport queue with a blue rollaway suitcase in tow. All of a sudden, naughty noises begin emanating loudly from the bag, prompting the flabbergasted patriarch to inspect the case as Lewis and other bystanders erupt into guffaws. The clip ends with the mortified father locating the mating call emitter and handing it to his prankster son.

“My dad was looking around and saying ‘What the hell?” he exclaimed. “Everyone in the airport looked around and was in fits of laughter.”

He added, “Then it stopped and played again and he was more panicky and he gave it to me and I didn’t know how to turn it off.”

Despite being pleased with the “Jackass”-style stunt, Lewis thought he perhaps took things a bit too far in this instance, exclaiming, “I’m there thinking ‘Jesus there’s families around here’. It was getting too much in the end.”

Cudge Cullinan trying to locate the naughty noise maker.Kennedy News and MediaNonetheless, the prank was par for the course for the Cullinan clan, who have reportedly been pulling fast ones on each other for the past decade.

“It started when we were sat on the sofa, I bought an air horn and I decided to get my dad with it,” said Lewis, who often tag-teams his dad with brother Tommy, 32. “I’ve smashed a cake over his head, moved a chair away from him when he’s gone to sit down in a restaurant.”

“Dad is on edge. He knows if he does me, I’ll get him back ten times worse,” gushed Lewis, whose old man reportedly takes the intrafamilial pranks like a champ due to their “good relationship.” The good sport even reportedly requests to see videos of the practical jokes after the fact.

The Cullinan clan have pulling fast ones on each other for the past decade. Kennedy News and MediaAnd Cudge is no slouch when it comes to punking his progeny. In his most legendary pranks to date, the sexagenarian surreptitiously signed his boys up for various reality shows including the dating series “Meet the Parents,” “Tricked” with magician Ben Hanlin and “Richard Hammond’s Secret Service.”

“He did me again on ‘Richard Hammond’s Secret Service’ where I was stuck in a lift with an American woman and I had to pretend to be celebrities on the radio or she was going to get fired,” described a humiliated Lewis. “I was basically put under pressure and when the lift opened there was a camera crew, my dad and Richard Hammond.”

Ultimately, the Cullinan fam’s goal is to make each other laugh.

“Our confidence is there,” said Lewis. “We get on with it, know we can have a crack and a laugh and we don’t care what people think.”

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