Lo-Fi Horror ‘Mundaun’ Is Getting Physical Edition

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTubeSome of us spend Halloween hiding in the living room with the lights off, scarfing down candy in the dark. Others spend Halloween watching the kind of movies that make them unable to sleep for days. Well, to the latter group, we say: come get your Mundaun, you spooky weirdos!
In partnership with Super Rare Games, Mundaun is now getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch, along with a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and trading cards.
For those who missed its Switch eShop release, Mundaun is a lo-fi, hand-drawn horror that’s set in the secluded Alps, as you try to find out the dark secret behind your grandfather’s death. In typical horror style, lots of terrifying things will happen to you along the way, and as a fun bonus, the more afraid you are, the slower your character will move. Cool! We certainly thought so in our review.
So, go on: play the game that one Steam review described as “NOT THE BEES! AAAAH THEY IN MY EYES”!

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