Let’s Talk, “Battle Rap, Detroit and The Streets” With $ The Symbol

In this third installment of our coverage on Varsity Music Group/ASIR Consulting we introduce you to Cig Dolla, AKA $ The Symbol. Besides being a collaborator on the “Fuck A Demo Tape” project, Cig has also started his own battle rap league along with his own independent label. Cig has plans to make The League Enterprise a household name.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers? 

Cig Dolla: $ The Symbol Also known as Cig Dolla.

TSB: Talk to me about growing up in Detroit. 

Cig Dolla: I grew up on both sides of Detroit. My early childhood and pre-teens, I lived off East Grand Blvd and Mt. Elliot. My teenager years were spent on the westside in the   Dexter and Linwood area. It was good times and bad times on both sides. We had good parents who tried keeping us out of trouble. I Went to all Eastside schools, so I traveled all over the city and met different people from different hoods.

TSB: You have some very heavy “organization” ties, how did that happen being from Detroit? 

Cig Dolla: I was recruited at a young age like I said I met so many ppl all over Detroit, so I was introduced to a few things. My natural leader skills made me valuable person. 

TSB: You created a battle rap league, what gave you for site to want to throw the actual events? 

Cig Dolla: It was the fact it was hard to break through from Detroit if you weren’t connected to certain ppl. I just wanted to make a way for those who might have been skipped over or missed opportunities. 10 years later we’ve thrown over 100 events and still going. 

TSB: You have a collab with Icewear Vezzo, talk about the song, “Bluminati.”

Cig Dolla: Dope collab s/o Vezzo for showing love. My whole concept was to show unity in the city. Real Blacc entrepreneur move. (https://youtu.be/G968i8r9lVQ)

TSB: When did you decide to start working with Varsity Music Group?

 Cig Dolla: Bout 2 years now

TSB: How was your experience working on the “Fuck A Demo Tape” project? 


Cig Dolla: It was a great experience. I respect and a true fan of my fellow artist I collaborated with.

TSB: What do you have planned for the remainder of 2022? 

Cig Dolla: I plan to take over lol my label THE LEAGUE ENTERPRISE will be a household name in Detroit rich music history. 

TSB: How can people contact you? 

Cig Dolla: @cig_dolla on everything 

Conversation conducted By: S.L Jackson (For more info www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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