“JT You A Fool For This One” Meet the producer behind one of the most famous tags in Rap History.

Producing music is a talent that comes with much responsibility. It’s the producers job to push boundaries, explore sounds and create something magical. Insert JT Beatz, the west side Detroit native is the man behind the boards you may have not known, but his sound is the sound of the whole music industry. The former athlete turned superstar production man is here now to claim is spot. Thissomebull.com had the chance to talk to the man behind one of the most famous producer tags in recent music history, JT You A Fool For This One”!

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

JT Beatz: JT Beatz from Detroit, MI I have produced for several Detroit Artist Doughboyz Cashout, Bandgang, GT Drego and Beno, Streets R Us, Stunthard, Chief Keef, and Leek Hustle.

TSB: Tell us about growing up on the west side of Detroit. 

JT Beatz: Growing up on the west side of Detroit 7mile exact was good. Every environment has its upside and downside but overall, it made me.

TSB: You were a high school athlete, what sports did you play? 

JT Beatz: Yea I played pal football baseball and basketball. Also, I was on the basketball football team etc. in high school at Ford, on the westside of Detroit.

TSB: When did you start producing music? 

JT Beatz: I started producing at like 16. That’s when I started to take it seriously.

TSB: Talk about the first record you produced being a local hit. 

JT Beatz: The first major song I produced was Streets R Us “Drop Racks” featuring Street Lord G Rock. It was deep how it happened I just start getting serious, I gave a friend the beats and that’s how everything came together.

TSB: Tell me about some of the artist you’ve worked with. 

JT Beatz: I’ve worked with, Doughboyz Cashout, Bandgang, GT, Drego and Beno, Streets R Us, Stunthard, Chief Keef, Leek Hustle, Allstar JR, Cashpaid Elway, Jefe Prince, Rockybad, Vezzo and Yae Yae Jordan.

TSB: What are you working on now?

JT Beatz: I’m working on Leek Hustle’s album, “I will Not Lose”, Jefe Prince tape with Detroitrapnews.  Big Ceeze up and coming female rapper, Couple. Some things I can’t discuss, but it’s some major moves in the works. I’m also creating a production team Called WAV.Makers.

TSB: Contact information. 

Contact me on Instagram @Jtbeatz313
Or Email Infojtbeatz313@gmail.com check out some of my links

studio vlog

This conversation was conducted by S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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