Jennifer Lopez Draws Huge Crowds as She Shops in Beverly Hills

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Jennifer Lopez was the main attraction in Bev Hills Friday … but not for her singing — rather, for her shopping.
J Lo hit up Valentino and then Dior on Rodeo Drive, and a throng of shoppers and tourists gawked as she eyed fancy dresses for possible purchases.
She also gave the once over to some glasses and coats.

She definitely wasn’t in a talking mood, but still … fans got an eye-full, even if she was partially hidden by her mask.
Interesting … whether the 2 families will blend for XMAS, especially after Ben‘s interview with Howard Stern. There have certainly been combos of the 2 families … Ben’s kids and J Lo’s have intermixed, but as for one big celebration with everyone — no word on that.
TMZ broke the story … Ben and Jen are looking for a house in L.A., but so far no deal. As they settle in, it’ll be interesting to see how everything shakes out with the blended families.
For now, things seem pretty copacetic.

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