Jayda Cheaves Says Men Don’t Respect Or Appreciate Women Like They Used To In The ‘80s & ‘90s (Video)

jayda cheaves

jayda cheaves

jayda cheaves

Say it with your chest. Everyone is always talking about wanting that ’90s type of love, and it looks like Jayda Cheaves wants it too! While waiting for a meeting to start with her Waydamin staff, Jayda influencer hopped on live to sing and chat with her followers. Jayda Wayda took a moment to talk about men not respecting or appreciating women.

“I always ask my friends like, “Do ya’ll feel like the value of women to guys has gone down? Or guys just don’t you know to respect us, or appreciate us how they used to back in the ’80s and ’90s,” she questioned. “As far as a man literally worshiping the ground a woman walks on, it’s kind of rare these days. We’re running out of that, and it’s kind of scary.”

Jayda reiterated that these are the types of conversations she has with her friends and is holding off on the topic to continue for her upcoming podcast.

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Over 10,000 Roommates commented about Jayda’s opinion, including rapper OT Genasis. OT stepped into The Shade Room and commented, “Jayda put me on da podcast. I got some s**t to say, lol.” Jayda responded saying, “You’ll be my first guest.”

The influencer also added more to the conversation about her upcoming podcast stating, “The first steps start within for sure & what you allow or put out is what you receive. But I was speaking on casual scenarios such as them WANTING to take us on dates, wanting to show us off, wanting to be there and support us. Now it’s like they are not giving us anything if we are not kissing the ground they walk on.”
She added, “Hell niggas don’t even be clocking us at the bps no more. Everything is changing. Maybe I’m tripping & I’m also not speaking for ALL men. There are some out there who still let women be women without changing their character or dimming their light. I can’t wait for my podcast to hear diff sides.”
Roommates, do yall agree with Jayda?

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