“It’s Uncomfortable Being An Ape”

Detroit’s westside has been home to a lot of legendry artist, the next on that list is Badapete. The Plymouth Road native has created a lane and style of his own and is ready to show the world. Thissomebull.com recently caught up with the young wordsmith to discuss his recently released EP, “Uncomfortable Progress”.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

Bad Ape Te: BadApeTe from the Westside of Detroit Michigan.

TSB: Talk about growing up in Detroit, Michigan.

Bad Ape Te: Growing Up in Detroit Michigan wasn’t that easy especially after my pops passed in 2007 my mom’s did her best to keep me and my two brothers away from the streets but sometimes it’s hard when you are just a single parent and have no help.

TSB: How did you come up with your rap name? 

Bad Ape Te: I came up with my rap name off of planet of the apes Caesar which is the main character of the movie had a head of security and his name was Koba and people viewed koba as a bad ape but he was just fighting back because he was a test monkey and mistreated his whole life, he was just misunderstood.

TSB: What artist influenced you to want to make music?

Bad Ape Te: Sada Baby , Lil Wayne T pain are my influences when it come to my music there style Is original and it forces me to be me and never do what someone else did.

TSB: Talk to us about your latest project “Uncomfortable Progress”. 

Bad Ape Te:  My Ep Uncomfortable Progress is a body of art explaining and showing my growth pains and maturity of my life and music very easy to relate to because the struggles I went through and overcame you can use in your everyday life for you I got some head bangers of course but when you listen you feel the authenticity of Me and my style you get the message of uncomfortable progress, just staying consistent while your life ain’t what it want to be but you still achieving until you get there is exactly what uncomfortable progress is all about.

TSB: What was the process in creating your latest project? 

Bad Ape Te:  My process creating my last project was “feeling“ every time I was mad or hurt or even happy I was in the studio expressing myself ,free-styling  all of the top just letting me emotions pour onto beat no pen just me and the Microphone.

TSB: How has fatherhood impacted your life? 

Bad Ape Te: Fatherhood impacted my life to understand I ain’t just living for me no more I have to stay two steps ahead of the game so my son can stay 4 steps ahead at whatever he wanna do in life.

TSB: What’s next for Badapete? 

Bad Ape Te: What’s next for BadApeTe more singles more videos more everything just gotta keep going until 1 of these songs get me and my family out the hood so more music definitely.

TSB: Contact information.

Bad Ape Te:  @_BadApeTe on Spotify Instagram Facebook Apple Music YouTube anything business related can be emailed badapete1@gmail.com


(Q&A conducted by S.L Jackson www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)  

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