It’s The Return Of Zaikha Kayloni, Aire To The Detroit Rap Throne

Imagine being the daughter of a Detroit rap legend, Zaikha Kayloni is the offspring of Dirk, one of the first rappers to put his music on wax in Detroit with the “Too Real Crew.” Zaikha is the Aire to the Detroit rap throne and she’s here to take her crown. Actively making music since a kid, Zaikha Kayloni took a break to focus on her mental health and in turn her mental health clothing line, “Heart and Soul Cafe” was created. Fresh off her hiatus, Zaikha has been releasing new music with some of Detroit’s hottest talent. caught up with Zaikha Kayloni to get a run down on what she’s been up too.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

Zaikha Kayloni: My name is Zaikha Kayloni, and I am a rapper/serial entrepreneur.

TSB: Talk to me about growing up in Detroit. 

Zaikha Kayloni: Growing up in Detroit was fun in most neighborhoods everybody know everybody and if you don’t your family knows them. A typical summer day for me consisted of playing with next door neighbors playing with American dolls, gardening, and running around. The more aggressive side I would say I was fighting with boys or arguing with them later eventually flirting. In addition, you really weren’t from Detroit If you didn’t know about certain artist such as K Deezy and blade ice wood because at any teen party. Those songs were a must know. 

TSB: What made you want to make music? 

Zaikha Kayloni: What made me want to do music initially was my love for well-known childhood rapper lil bowwow. I felt like if I got in the industry, I would get close to him and meet him despite our age difference etc. However, I ended up being good at it and strived for the money, the cars etc.

TSB: How did becoming a mother affect your music career? 

Zaikha Kayloni: Becoming a mother affected me tremendously. Because I was kinda depressed with the fact I had lost my flat stomach and shape. I didn’t want to be the “fat rapper “. I didn’t write much like I should have during my pregnancy and kinda felt it was a wrap for me.

TSB: Talk about creating your mental health clothing line? 

Zaikha Kayloni: I created my mental health line because I had some kinda anxiety or depression mental break down. that Drs have not been able to really pen point other than surrounding situations and stress. Growing up I’ve always been moody but nothing major. I’ve always been good at reading vibes even as a kid. So, I kinda knew who to stay away from etc. and it kinda made it awkward for some people because they thought I just had an attitude problem or was mean. But really it was there spirit etc. My mental health line is a under play for my goal which is to help others and inspire others and I have some big things up my sleeves.

TSB: Tell me about all the new music you’ve been working on? 

Zaikha Kayloni: New music I’ve been working on consist of the things I’ve been experiencing lately at work and in certain situations. Music is a therapy for me, and I express myself without lashing out when people press my buttons or try to antagonize me. My latest drop was with a well-known male artist in the city and currently I’m working on a few other features that I was honored to get on. In addition, I’ve been open to do other ventures such as acting and hosting etc.

TSB: Thank you for your time, how can our readers contact you or check out some of your music?

Zaikha Kayloni: Anyone can reach me at 


Instagram: @ ZaikhaKayloni 

Twitter: fend1_tooclutch 

  Video links 

Website link:

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Music available on all platforms! 

Conversation conducted By: S.L Jackson (

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