Introducing, Jimmy High, The Creative Mind Behind, “TowerBeatz”

The industry is forever evolving, so a company that sells tracks on-line to artist was coming. Jimmy High, the Aliquippa, PA native started his company Towerbeatz, the innovative marketing company that also sells tracks on-line. talked to Jimmy to get more of an insight on what he created and what he’s up too now.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

Jimmy High: My name is Jimmy High. I’m the CEO of TowerBeatz. We’re a music marketing firm that obtains placements for producers & artists in film/TV & music.

TSB: Tell us about growing up in Pennsylvania. 

Jimmy High: I’m from Aliquippa, PA. Located about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Growing up there taught me everything! I learned integrity, hard work, & dedication. It’s a tough town where it’s easy to get off the right track. I was blessed to have great parents that kept me focused. My motto is: I’m from Quip. I can make it anywhere!

TSB: Talk to us about what made you start Towerbeatz in 2014.

Jimmy High: I’m a serial entrepreneur. I worked as an executive for Fortune 500 companies with-in the telecommunications/IT industry for over 20yrs. In 2014, I decided to transfer my sales and marketing background into the music industry. I started by partnering with unknown producers and selling their beats to major Hip Hop/R&B artists. It grew from there.

TSB: What gave you the foresight to start an online company that sells beats? 

Jimmy High: I got the vision to start an online beat brokering firm because I saw a need within music industry. I looked at platforms like SoundCloud on social media. There’s hundreds of thousands of artists/producers looking to get “put on.” TowerBeatz is the answer. We’re the bridge between artist and producer.

TSB: What are you currently working on? 

Jimmy High:  We’re currently working on hosting our 2nd mixtape Flame Throwers Vol.2! It will be available on all streaming platforms.

TSB: How can our readers reach you? 

Jimmy High: You can reach me on

Facebook: Jimmy High

IG: tower_beats

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (

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