Introducing D_Shaun, Find Out about This California Native’s New Project, “Back In My Feelings”

Being a father is all the motivation some men need, DShaun is no different. The Hayward, California native is focused on making sure his family never needs for anything. Creating music since 2010, now a decade plus later he is here to show the world his talents. Never discouraged by the trials and tribulations of the industry, DShaun used the disciple he learned from being a former athlete to push forward. recently spoke to DShaun about his previous projects and his future.

TSB: Hello, how are you? Could you introduce yourself to our readers? 

D_Shaun: Yo what’s up y’all My name D_Shaun. I’m an aspiring artist coming all the way from the bay to LA.  I’m a Rapper who can sing, create rock, soul you name it, I’ve done it, or have at least tried to do it. I’m an artist through and through.

TSB: Tell me about growing up in Merced, CA.

D_Shaun: Man Growing up in Merced? I love my city, but I always felt like Merced was where dreams went to die. It was more of a retirement city when we first moved there and started to grow, but as the city grew, it got more and more dangerous to live there. I always felt like the majority of the people of my generation, and the ones right before us who were living in Merced, lacked the ambition that I would see whenever I would travel back to the bay or LA. I would go to the Bay and see all types of success coming from people of my culture and it just made me hungry, hungry for success and hungry for more.

TSB: Talk about playing sports as a kid. 

D_Shaun: Man, no lie, I went crazy at sports. I lucked out with two Athletic parents, so most sports came easy to me. In high-school, I played football and ran track. Plan A was to make it in football all the way up until I tore my ACL while playing in an adult league. I tried getting back out there on the field afterwards, but mentally, I was never the same again. Now, I just play for fun and to try and stay in some type of shape.

TSB: What influenced you to get into music?

D_Shaun: Music has always been a major part of my life. Music is my hype man, my confidence, my therapist. It’s always been around me. Some of my best friends were known as the rappers amongst all our peers and was pretty much like celebrities. I was always too shy to actually try and record with them until my aunt, Blaze Ducati/ my best friend/ my twin/my mentor, finally gave me the chance to get on a song with her, and from there I just didn’t stop. At minimum, I have at-least over a thousand songs, either recorded or in the works right now as we speak.

TSB: How do you balance fatherhood and the entertainment industry? 

D_Shaun: It’s easy for me to balance fatherhood and the entertainment industry. I have an amazing partner who pick up the slack wherever needed and supports me 100%. It gets hard when I’m on the road away from them because I’m obsessed with my kids, but the constant facetimes and phone calls throughout the day makes it easier. When I’m home, I treat music like a job. I go into the studio at 7am, and no matter what, I get out at 3pm. This way I can balance spending time with them. Without that time limit, I could be locked in that studio day and night. Sometimes I would even go without eating the entire day.

TSB: How was your relationship with Anthony Davino?

D_Shaun: I didn’t have much time getting to know Anthony because shortly after being introduced to him, he went in to have surgery for cardiac reasons. It took another 3 months to recover, and once we finally got back in touch, we begin to start setting up flights and studio recordings. Shortly after, he went back in for a surgery and never made it home. But the short amount of time I did interact with Anthony was amazing. He treated me like family from the start. The way he believed in me was inspirational and helped solidify my beliefs that I was and have been, on the right track to success. 

TSB: What are you currently working on? 

D_Shaun: Currently I just released my first studio recorded album June 25, called “Back in my Feelings” (  which is available on all platforms. The album really lets the fans get to know me more and connect on an emotional level. I’m also working on an Ep right now which is basically to show just how diverse I am. It will be about 7 amazing songs that tests me creatively and takes me out of my comfort zone.  It will be available on all platforms very soon.

TSB: Contact information:

D_Shaun: You can find me on all Social media platforms under D_Shaunmuzik, don’t forget the underscore. You can find my music everywhere on all music streaming platforms under D_Shaun but once again don’t forget the underscore.


Youtube Links:


D_Shaun Ft Draco- “Phiilae”-

D_Shaun ft. Maak Blaak- What you gon do bout it?”

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IG: d_shaunmuzik

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