I’m a skincare expert and these are the beauty mistakes you’re making that damage your skin

Many of us have got our beauty routines nailed – we know what we’re doing and we do the same thing on a regular basis.

But it turns out that we might need to have a re-think…

A Skin Specialist has weighed in and told us the beauty mistakes that we are making and it’s left us open-mouthed. 

It turns out that we shouldn’t be using makeup brushes and we’ve been applying foundation wrong our whole lives.

Fragrance Direct has partnered with Skin Specialist, Laura Andrew to reveal the common beauty errors that are causing damage to our skin. 

It’s often thought that only the best makeup brushes will improve our makeup routines, and they often come with a hefty price tag. 

But it turns out we should actually be using our fingers to apply

While the thought of applying foundation using your fingers might seem like a red flag, it turns out our makeup brushes could be the cause behind skin irritation and redness.

Laura Andrew said: “The natural warmth from your hands makes it easier to blend in the foundation with your fingers than with a brush-on application. 

“Brushes can tug at the skin and cause friction, which can often result in more sensitivity and redness.”

But it’s not just foundation we should be applying without a makeup brush, it’s our concealer too. 

It turns out our makeup brushes could be the cause of skin irritation and redness.Getty ImagesLaura adds: “When applying concealer under your eye area, use your ring finger and tap very gently as this causes much less drag in the under-eye area.”

There’s also a common mistake that we’ve been making and that’s how we use eyeliner. 

Eyeliner is a must-have product that we’re guaranteed to find in many makeup bags across the UK, but Dr. Nichola Cosgrove, founder of Natura Emporium, reveals that applying eyeliner incorrectly can be a cause for wrinkles.

Skincare experts have revealed that women shouldn’t be using makeup brushes and they have been applying foundation wrong. Yuri Figuenick/Getty ImagesDr. Nichola Cosgrove explains:  “A very common mistake people make when applying makeup is pulling and stretching the skin, particularly around the eyes when using eyeliner to get that perfect straight line. 

“What might seem like light pulling to you is actually quite aggressive to our fragile eye skin.”   

For the eyeliner fanatics out there, all is not lost, as Dr. Nichola Cosgrove reveals the solution for applying eyeliner to avoid damaging the skin. 

According to the experts, brushes can tug at the skin and cause friction, which can often result in more sensitivity and redness.Getty ImagesShe adds: “To avoid the tugging and pulling, use gel and liquid style eyeliners that neatly and gently glide on the skin.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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