“I’ll Let You Pick How You Know Me” Introducing Black Shawd

Being a man of many hats isn’t easy, just ask the artist, producer, DJ, videographer, comedian, and director known to the world as Black Shawd. The Phoenix native is here to stake his claim in the entertainment industry and thissomebull.com took this opportunity to speak with him.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Black Shawd: Hip Hop Artist Black Shawd my real name is Darrell Rashad Shaw. I’m an artist, producer, DJ, videographer, and director. College Graduate at Conservatory Recording Arts & Science where I obtained my audio science degree. Then formed by multi/media production company, TROUBLESOME PRODUCTIONS LLC. Where I produce for artists all over the world online. Where I have to work alongside some Atlanta’s famous Rapper Shawty LO’s DJ and Engineer, DJ Zee. Currently working in the midi gang producer funnel program, led by LEGION BEATS owner Gabe Schillinger where he teaches producers how to make a living selling beats online. This has definitely changed my life, where I have been solely working for myself, selling beats and Djing full time. That relationship was built when I won their Legion Beats contest, they had back in 2018, where I won a feature from Grammy Award Winning R&B artist Chris Brown and a lifetime production deal with them. Finishing my 1st project since winning the contest a fully produced album by Legion Beats “Me Against Time”. Which is streaming to all platforms. A project I’m very proud of, I put my heart and soul into that project to give the listeners something they can enjoy from beginning to end. Which features some amazing up incoming talent from all over. 

TSB: Talk about being born in Phoenix, being raised in Atlanta?

Black Shawd: Being from Phoenix is something I take pride in, when I moved to Atlanta when I was 17. I knew I was something different, that folks never seen or heard. I have always been a little hustler, even when I was young. Always found a way to get some money. Growing up in Atlanta, it was more intense. Everyone out there hustling, Boosting, Bootlegging, scamming, swindling, trapping, and grinding out the mud out there. You had to learn quickly on how to move out there. Atlanta grew me up fast, but also made me into the man I am today. Being from a city, where ain’t nobody made it big like that, too living in a city where so many have made a living doing what I do. Had to learn how to set myself apart from everyone else. Create my own sound since nobody sounded like me and was doing what I was doing. I can honestly say it’s what created the BLACK SHAWD we know today.

TSB: When did you decide to get into the entertainment industry? 

Black Shawd: When I was growing up, I was always doing music. I was one of those kids that grew up in the church real young. From singing in the choir or doing lead at the church or even stage plays. So even then I had a passion for it. I can say when I was 10 years old, I did this huge show out in Phoenix, and killed it. Had met a big record executive at the time who was connected with Keith Sweat. They wanted me to go on tour and write for them, but mom wasn’t having it. So, I say even then I always had a passion for music. So honestly, I have been trying since I was knee high, just lots of setbacks in life that I had to go through to get back on track. 

TSB: You’re a DJ, comedian, and artist, which do you like doing the most? 

Black Shawd: LOL, this question is funny to me, only because people always ask me this question. Honestly, I don’t know lol it sucks. They all have their own therapeutic therapy they give me. Being an artist, I get to express how I feel artistically, all my emotions. When I’m being a comedian. I’m just being myself and telling stories, getting the joy of making somebody else’s day. But when I DJ, I get to just be as silly as I want, and vibe out crazy with the music and my audience. So, it’s given me all the above. 

TSB: Tell me about your latest single, “My Year” Ft. Chari’ Joi. 

Black Shawd:MY YEAR” is a personal favorite of mine. How it was put together was so magical and pure. One of my favorite studio sessions. I love collaborating with my homegirl Chari’ Joy. We vibe so well together when we make music. My Year being one of the 3 songs that we did together. Just the 1st one we have released for the world to embrace and give a sample of what’s to come from both of us. She low key one of my favorite independent R&B artists, no cap. I see her being such an Icon someday, she has the potential to be whatever she wants. Blessed to have her as a friend, a sister, very grateful. Excited about the other music we are going to drop on the world. 

TSB: What are you currently working on? 

Black Shawd: Working on a little bit of everything. From expanding my DJing business, I produce and sell beats to artists so creating music 24/7, creating marketing materials for myself and others. Booking out venues, throwing venues. Doing this Film company with my partner from New York. I can go on, why do I do so much? It’s the business that we are in. You either gonna wait around for it to get done or you’re gonna do it yourself. I’m a workhorse. All I know is grind. I can say lots of new content, music, visuals are always on the way. Grind never stops.

TSB: Contact information

Black Shawd: www.blackshawd.com

Instagram – @blackshawd  

twitter – @blackshawd  

TikTok – @blackshawd  

Facebook – Black Shawd

Snapchat – @blackshawd 

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissome.com)

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