I got fox eye surgery but it’s my biggest regret ever

Fox eye surgery is one of the new big trends that many celebrities are loving.

The op is raved about by many celebs, including Danielle Lloyd, and works by pulling the eyes upwards.

The trend sees supposedly invisible strings put in above the eyes to pull them upwards.

It uses biodegradable threads to surgically lift the eyes and the results can last anything from weeks up to a year.

However, one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal what happened when she had fox eye threads and it’s safe to say that the results weren’t what she expected. 

Jessie Carr, from Australia took to TikTok to explain what happened when she had the fox eye procedure done.

We recently saw Jessie have a botched lip blush, but now she’s here to share what’s happened with her face. 

Jessie posted the video with the caption ‘I can’t take myself seriously’.

She said: “These fox eye threads really are my biggest regret.

“It’s definitely not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking botched like this!” 

Jessie explained what happened with her fox eye threads, what went wrong and why she wouldn’t recommend anyone to have them.

She explained: “They initially swelled up really, really intensely. I looked like MegaMind. 

“They popped a blood vessel during the procedure, I blew up for a couple of weeks, I was pretty bad.

“Once the swelling went down I noticed that my eyebrows had lifted and I was so happy with them.

“But then a week after that they went back down, back to how they normally looked but they were also uneven so actually one went down more than the other so then I had to go and get Botox in one of the other ones and wait for eight weeks to see if they would even out, which they kind of did. 

“Then after that I went back for me eight week check-up and it was alright but I noticed that nothing really had changed so I said I wanted a refund.

“They gave me a partial refund and then a couple of weeks after that I noticed that I had bumps on my head and my threads were popping out and I realised and thought that it would go away but it didn’t so then I went back for another check-up.”

Some commenters said the surgery gave Carr “horns” on the side of her head.TikTokNow Jessie is going through treatment in an attempt to reverse the procedure.

She continued: “Now I’m going through a procedure called the Ultaformer, it’s supposed to dissolve the threads and I’m also taking anti-inflammatory pills to try to dull down the inflammation.

“It’s not promised that it will dissolve the thread but it is something that could help dissolve it.

“It is a gradual result so I’m hoping that that will make a difference.

“After two sessions I’m hoping it will bring them down but I’m not sure if it will 100% work.

”So I’ve been through a lot with my fox eye threads and it’s definitely not worth it. 

“Definitely don’t recommend it.” 

In just 19 hours of being live on TikTok, Jessie’s video has quickly racked up a whopping 1.4million views.

It has 64.1k likes, 649 comments and 1,010 shares.

She is now going through a procedure to reverse the fox eye surgery.TikTokMany TikTok users took to the comments to compare Jessie’s fox eye threads to horns. 

One person said: “Girl embrace your horns, they are cool.” 

Another added: “Girl you literally payed for horns” to which Jessie said “Pretty much.” 

A third commented: “Horns will appear there.” 

There were also many TikTok users sharing their experiences of fox eye thread lifts.

One user commented: “I had the absolute worst experience doing the fox eye thread lift! NEVER AGAIN!!!” 

Another said: “I had the sharpest pain for nearly 1.5 years post thread lift, everyone please stay away from it, it doesn’t work.” 

A third added: “Threads only work for a short period of time and there’s little difference. These celebs you see with the “fox eye look” got actual surgery.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.

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