How to Channel the Absurdity of “Emilycore” from Emily in Paris

Getting the “Emilycore” look showcased in Emily in Paris is pretty simple: think understated pieces, straight-cut silhouettes and versatile neutrals that capture the essence of Parisian chic.

Just kidding.

For two seasons, the Netflix dramedy has made headlines for its chaotic, impractical costumes – a reflection of the show’s messy plotlines and clunky clichés. And through it all, the titular lead, played by Lily Collins, has earned a questionable sartorial reputation.

But for some, Emily’s unapologetic ridiculousness is just what this world needs. The beauty of Emilycore lies in its escapism. Life is hard enough. Why not at least dress like you’re living in a fantasy?

Created by legendary costume designer Patricia Field, Emily’s wardrobe is comprised of eye-catching colours, prints, textures and shapes. It’s an overwhelming oeuvre that perfectly suits her (sort-of insufferable) personality.

Read on to learn how to master Emilycore. Plus, snag a sneak peek at the exuberant outfits coming your way in season three.

Step one: Feel the rainbow

Photography by Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Turning every head in the room is très important. To do so, you must choose combinations that most people would never think — or dare — to wear. For Emily, there’s nary a kitschy print or colour-blocking combo that’s too tacky. Florals, checkers and stripes? A winning assortment. Layers of clashing neon hues? The more the merrier. In season three, we see our main character carry on this fashion philosophy in a rainbow sweater, metallic skirt and knee-high green boots.

Pro tip: When piecing together an outfit, ask yourself, “Do any of these things remotely go together?” And if the answer is no, then, voilà! You’re Emilycore approved.

Step two: When in doubt, add another accessory

Emily in Paris
Photography by Marie Etchegoyen/Netflix

As Coco Chanel never said, minimalism is overrated. And according to the Emily in Paris rulebook, one should never leave the house without an exorbitant amount of accessories. By now, we all know that if Emily loves one thing, it’s an eye-popping beret. But the eccentric marketing exec has a penchant for any type of add-on, be it busy bucket hats, Old-Hollywood headscarves or pairs upon pairs of fingerless leather gloves. Naturally, season three promises plenty more outfit embellishments, from oversized eyewear to floral-print knee-high socks.

Step three: Always opt for impractical footwear

Emily in Paris
Photography by Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

Comfortable shoes? Quelle horreur! Of all the show’s shocking outfit changes, one thing remains constant: Emily’s love for impossibly high heels. Even the cobbled streets of France won’t stop her from wearing Louboutins on a daily basis. Emilycore is about dressing to fit your excessive personality, not your environment. In other words, flats are the devil. But take caution: after wearing so many stilettos to portray the American ex-pat, Collins reportedly had regular visits with a podiatrist to “fix her feet.” So, in the spirit of escapism-meets-foot-health, snag some custom insoles before strutting around in your favourite pair of pumps.

In need of more inspiration? Scroll through the gallery below to catch a glimpse of what Emily in Paris season three has in store.

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