How I embarrass the customer I hate

You don’t want to get on the bad side of your barista.

An alleged employee for the Starbucks coffee franchise has gone viral on TikTok for revealing how she shades a regular customer she doesn’t like.

The barista — who uses the TikTok handle @notliketheothergurlz — posted a video to the social media site on Friday, claiming a cocky customer walks in and always asks for “the usual.”

In the clip — which has been viewed more than 100,000 times and is hashtagged #baristacosplay — the sassy worker stated that she responds by saying: “Ummm and what is that?”

“Like yeah I do know what it [the regular customer’s usual order] is but I hate you so feel silly and embarrassed,” they captioned the video.

The Post has reached out for comment from Starbucks regarding the purported barista’s routine.

Several viewers claimed that they also worked at coffee shops and similarly had their “least favorite regular” customers.

“One time this lady goes ‘The regular’ and I’m like ‘Um sorry not sure what you mean’ and she’s like ‘You know me right’ and I’m like ‘Yes,’” another brash barista commented beneath the TikTok clip.

“Humbling & embarrassing customers is my #1 passion,” a third alleged coffee-maker chimed in.

The TikTok poster is not the only supposed Starbucks barista taking to the social media app to spill the tea on their workplace in recent weeks.

A Starbucks worker has gone viral after revealing how she allegedly replies to her “least favorite regular” when they walk into the store and ask for “the usual.”@notlikeothergurlzLast month, ex-Starbucks employee Shabaz Ali, 28, went viral with a TikTok video claiming managers deliberately ordered him to misspell people’s names on their cups — for the subversive marketing potential.

Ali additionally alleged that the company’s famous Frappuccinos contain a fake flavored syrup, as opposed to real beans.

“If you want real coffee, you have to ask for an espresso shot,” he declared.

Meanwhile, a Starbucks barista named Melika Ahmadian recently posted a helpful TikTok with tips to Starbucks lovers looking for ways to get more bang for their buck after the chain raised prices amid inflation.

Several savvy customers responded to the video — which clocked up more than 1.3 million views earlier this month — saying they had begun ordering their drinks without ice to get more liquid in their orders.

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