How Different Generations Treat Their Pets

How Different Generations Treat Their Pets

Pets play a special role for everyone, regardless of their generation, but each age group views and treats their pets differently. These differences range from how much money they are willing to spend on the animal or whether they would be willing to sacrifice a night out to avoid leaving their pet alone. Explore how each generation sees their furry friends and see if you identify with any of the following styles of pet ownership.

Baby Boomer Pet Owners

Baby boomers are the eldest generation, yet they are contributing a lot more to pet ownership than before because they are in search of a companion to fill the empty nest now that they could be living alone. This group of individuals views their pets more as extended family members; however, they’re from the generation that more often had dogs sleep in the backyard than on a memory foam bed.

Generation X Pet Owners

This generation, while the baby boomers parented them, treats their pets differently in a few ways. They are more likely to continue their usual routine while caring for their pets than they are to center their lives around pet care. In addition, Gen X find that they want their dogs or cats to be able to have friends and thus are more likely to have more than one pet in the home.

Millennial Pet Owners

Millennials are where drastic changes happen to pet ownership. These days, you’ll often find millennials with pets instead of children because furry friends offer more financial freedom and less responsibility while still providing companionship. There is a reason why this generation has the most pets—they literally treat them like they are their children!

Generation Z Pet Owners

Generation Z pet owners are not afraid to sacrifice their weekend plans to avoid leaving their dog home alone. These pet parents will go all out for their fur babies, subscribe to subscription boxes, and spend significant amounts of money on luxury dog food, toys, and clothes—you name it! After their pet crosses the rainbow bridge, this generation will most likely use the pet’s ashes to memorialize their animal like any other family member.

So long as you treat your animal with love and kindness, there is no right way to parent your pet. We can all agree that we wouldn’t be able to live without our furry, scaly, or feathery companions. Do you raise your pets the same way as most of your generation?

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