How Artists Can Benefit From 3D Printers

How Artists Can Benefit From 3D Printers

The best artists are always exploring new mediums that allow them to flex their creativity and skills in new and interesting ways. Similarly, technology is constantly evolving, and artists can benefit from new technologies to express themselves through new kinds of art. In particular, let’s talk about how artists can benefit from 3D printers.

3D Printing Helps Realize Visions

Artists already create working models and sketches of their artwork before crafting the final product. 3D printing excels at this part of the process and is a good way to bring an artist’s idea to life before creating the final product. With a 3D model, artists will have a clearer reference for their ideas and have an easier time capturing the themes they want to get across in their artwork.

3D Sculpting Is an Artform

Of course, 3D printing can be an art of its own. In fact, many up-and-coming cartoonists are already using 3D printers to create art and figures of their characters they can use to promote their original work.

3D Printing Materials Are Versatile and Convenient

While many people assume 3D printers only use default white or gray materials, there are many different filaments to choose from, varying in material and color. This allows artists to add plenty of variety that brings their artwork to life in ways flimsy, cheap filaments you often see in 3D printing demos cannot do.

Additionally, 3D printing materials are convenient, as you can purchase any variety you desire online. With some considerations for buying 3D printing filament online, artists can easily make quality filament purchases for their projects.

3D Printer Art Programs Are Accessible

Programs like Blender or MatterControl 2.0 are animation and digital sculpting tools that make 3D art more accessible to everyone rather than just people who can afford professional education. Aspiring artists can benefit from 3D printers by taking advantage of this accessible education and adopting artistic software that is compatible with 3D printing.

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