Houston’s J. Prince Has Harsh Word’s For San Fernando Valley, CA Music Executive Wack 100 on “The Dub C & CJ Mac” Podcast

“Officer Rat 100 Is similar to a catfish. he’s a bottom feeder that eat’s off mess”

James Prince

The world of podcasting is exploding. One of the newest podcast making waves is the ‘Dub C and CJ Mac’ show. Hosted by veteran rappers “Dub C” and “CJ Mac”, the show is a breath of fresh air in the cluttered medium. The duo recently played host to Houston Hip Hop impresario “James Prince”, also known as “Lil J” and J. Prince. James Prince is presently on a crusade to free imprisoned Chicago native “Larry Hoover Sr.”

“Larry Hoover Sr.” is presently serving six life sentences at the ADX Florence prison in Florence Colorado. J. Prince was accompanied on the “Dub C & CJ Mac” show by the incarcerated Chicago natives son, “Larry Hoover Jr.” J. Prince and show co-host and CJ Mac spent a great part of the show revisiting their storied past, as CJ Mac was once signed to the Hip Hop moguls “Rap-A-Lot” records imprint.

The show’s light hearted theme took a turn for the worst when the subject of a documentary containing footage of a series of interviews with the incarcerated Hoover Sr. came up, as “J. Prince” feels that Wack 100 is playing games about negotiating a reasonable fee for the footages release. “This fool is a clown. he disrespects the dead, from Nipsey Hussle to Tupac. He even disrespected the homie Big U, (referring to Los Angeles activist, Eugene “Big U” Henley). “He is campaigning and will eventually be elected”.

The “Dub C & CJ Mac” show premieres every Tuesday via Dub C & CJ Mac LLC/Digital Soapbox Network.

The “Dub C & CJ Mac” show Episode 104 The J. Prince Interview

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