Getting to know Detroit’s Under Ground Queen, “P Dot”

In this finial installment of our coverage on Varsity Music Group/ASIR Consulting we introduce to you P Dot. This female MC is a veteran quickly approaching legendary status on the music scene in the streets of Detroit and the Mid-West in general. Born on the east, raised on the west, Detroit has a special love for the wordsmith. had the pleasure of getting to know the woman behind the infamous DOT GAAAANG!

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers.

P Dot: My name is P-DOT. I’m a female Hip-Hop Artist & Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan with a huge passion for music, entertainment and a natural hair connoisseur. 

TSB: Tell me about growing up in Detroit.

P Dot: Growing Up In Detroit Is A Beautiful Thing. My childhood was happy, memorable & close knit. I was born on the Eastside of Detroit, Mack & Sheridan, where I resided with my mother & brother until I was 8 years of age. Then relocated to the Westside of the city, Plymouth & Penrod, where I spent most of my years as a young adult. It was during those times where I learned myself. As Well as started to see the good & bad associated with LIFE choices. I gained friends… lost loved ones but… Nevertheless, I have zero regrets. 

TSB: What’s the song that made you fall in love with hip-hop? 

P Dot: It was numerous songs that made me fall “In Love” with hip-hop, but I can remember vividly hearing Da Brats “Funkdified” & The Lady Of Rage “Afro Puffs”. I used to listen to “Doggystyle” & “The Chronic” & imagine myself being on-stage.

TSB: When did you decide you were going to rap? 

P Dot: I honestly despise the word RAPPER. I’d prefer to be labeled “Artist”. But to answer your question… I didn’t. Someone else decided for me cause before him, I didn’t want to become a “rapper”. I wanted to be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, but GOD saw a different purposeful me. Shouts out to my homeboys D. Troy & MACK for seeing it FIRST & igniting this fire in me that you see & hear now.

TSB: Who are some of the female MC’s you looked up to early on? 

P Dot: As aforementioned… Da Brat, The Lady Of Rage, Rah Digga, Rhapsody, Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Mia X, Boss & Smiley… to name a few.

TSB: You’ve opened for a wide variety of artist, what’s your most memorable moment on stage? 

P Dot: Hmmmm… that’s tough, cause I have many. My MOST Memorable would be a recent opportunity. That’s when I opened for TRICK-TRICK at The El Club in Southwest Detroit for his record release & Birthday Party. I was well received & able to bring my team with me. I met Flava Flave, Parlay From “The Franchise Boys” & more. I’ll forever hold that experience close. 

TSB: Talk to me about working with Varsity Music Group. 

P Dot: Outside of what the public sees. It’s been a learning experience. I had to unlearn to re-learn and that was a growing pain. I’ve seen the good, the bad & ugly in this industry. Some things… I wish I’ve never seen. It’s been rewarding, challenging, to say the least, and it’s not for the weak. I had to grow an extra layer of “thick skin”! It’s been a lot of work & accountability. I’ve had MY MOMENTS. 

TSB: What’s next for Dot Gang? 

P Dot: Only LORD Knows. As long as the doors keep opening & the opportunities keeps presenting themselves. I’ll keep my best foot forward and exceed each moment.

TSB: How can people contact you? 

P Dot: For all business matters, I can be contacted through my manager B. Scarb (313-318-8079)

I can be followed through social media: 

IG: @pdotmusic & @dot_gaaaaaang

FB: @PDOT & Pamela “PDOT” Willis

Twitter: @IAMPDOT 



Conversation conducted by: S.L Jackson (

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