Foulmouthed ‘Ted Lasso’ star teaches Cookie Monster ‘F-word’

Roy Kent, the infamous grouch with a foulmouth played by Brett Goldstein on “Ted Lasso,” is sharing his knowledge of the “F-word.”

The 41-year-old Emmy winner stopped by the alphabet ‘hood to teach Cookie Monster and his buddy Tamir a very important word of the day.

The star of the breakout Apple+ TV series took a page from his character’s playbook for the lesson with the two puppets — to teach them the “F-word.”

“Today’s word begins with the letter F,” Tamir said to the audience in a new clip from the show obtained by Entertainment Weekly and now making the rounds on Twitter.

But hold on to your hats, kiddies. Not that “F-word!”

“Oh, I love the letter F,” Goldstein replied back.

Tamir continued, “Today’s word is… fairness!” The British actor and his curly-haired pal were baking cookies before the ever-hungry Cookie Monster burst into the room for his share.

“Fairness is when each of us gets what we need,” Goldstein said just before Cookie Monster barged his blue behind in. “It is fair when we share. What’s another way we can be fair?”

Goldstein is teaching a very valuable lesson during his visit to Sesame Street. Sesame WorkshopTamir quickly added, “When we play soccer later, we can make sure everyone gets a turn and invite others to play with us.”

“That’s right, we can be fair by inviting everyone to play soccer. But first, we need to clean up,” Goldstein agreed.

After their baking session, the three cleaned up the kitchen. Goldstein then applauded Cookie Monster for “showing fairness by doing your part and helping others.”

After some nice words were exchanged, things got competitive about who is the best soccer player. Cookie Monster wasn’t having it and didn’t want to stand down. Goldstein’s character on the Apple TV+ series is a bad-tempered, aging midfield player who likes to put a swear word after every other word.

“Right, now, our teams for soccer. I think it would be fair if—” he said before Cookie Monster interrupted him.

The sugar mammoth chimed in, “Me, the captain. Yeah, good idea. Yeah, me like that. You know me the best player, after all.”

Goldstein then joked, “Oh really? Well, let’s see your footwork.” Cookie Monster showed off his best skills and went footloose and fancy free before kicking a sponge into Goldstein’s head.

“Pretty good,” the “Hoff the Record” star concluded. “Alright, fair enough, you’re the captain.”

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