Former Escort Reveals Intimate Details About Her Affair With A Well Known Former Music Executive & Their Tryst With His Mega Producer

“The caucasion former music executive would play the role of slave master with african american escorts”


Recently on the premiere episode of “The Blind Item”, former call girl “Lisa” revealed intimate details surrounding a torrid affair she had with one of the founder’s of a California based record label.

This salacious conversation revealed that the Caucasian former music executive had an insatiable appetite for playing the role of “Slave Master” with African American call girls.

“Lisa”, who’s name has been changed to protect her identity also discussed the twisted relationship that the music executive had with a well known African American music producer that she referred to as “Hammer”.

According to “Lisa”, she was often paid several thousand dollars to play the role of the slave owners wife. As “Hammer” ravaged her body, the former music executive, acting as a slave owner, would watch as he “serviced” himself.

“He wanted me to say things like “Please give me that African snake”, it was very demeaning, but the sex was amazing and I was paid well. but I felt bad for my African American friends and I am the mother of a bi-racial child, so it was a bit much.”

It could get scary at times, because “Hammer” was known to drink large quantities of liquor and pop very unhealthy amounts of ecstasy. He could get violent at times, He never hit me, but he’s beaten his share of woman.

According to Lisa, the affair lasted more than 3 and a half years. She says it was the easiest money that she ever made.

“He rarely wanted intercourse, it’s almost like he got off on the role play.” Lisa also noted “When we did make love, it was very brief, you have to understand, he was almost a fossil”.

When asked if she had any regrets she had this to say: “Not really, I knew what it was. I knew I would never be his girlfriend. I was simply an object for him to use as he pleased.” “Surprisingly, I became pretty good friends with Hammer’s wife, well ex wife anyway. They were recently divorced and I’m happy I was able to help out.”

When asked if she could elaborate, she refused to give further details but simply said “She cleaned him out, he got away with hurting a lot of woman, Every ass hole gets what they deserve”

You can hear the entire interview on the premiere episode of “The Blind Item” that premieres 6/20/2022 where ever you get your podcast.

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