Forever “Good Vibez” With Highland Park Michigan’s MVP, STACKZ

Small cities produce big talent, Highland Park, Michigan is no different. Located in the middle of Detroit, Highland Park is a place to see. Filled with it’s own culture, it also happens to be the home of the rising young talent known to the world as, Stackz. recently took the opportunity to sit with Stackz and discuss his history as a well-respected M.C. and businessperson. Read what Stackz had to say about his bubbling music career along with his other business ventures. Sit back and find out why it’s always going to be “Good Vibez” when Stackz is around.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Stackz: What’s up everybody I’m Stackz the Real MVP

TSB: Talk to me us about growing up in Highland Park, Michigan.

Stackz: Growing up in Highland Park was great. It’s a small city within Detroit. So small that people can recognize when they see someone that’s not from there. My whole family on my mother’s side is from Highland Park. My great grandfather Ben Roland was the city treasurer back in the early mid 90s and owned a lot of property in the city. I learned a lot, seen a lot and experienced a lot. It wasn’t til around my teenage years that I started to notice the difference between us and Detroit. At one point we didn’t have our own police, so the crime rate was high. Kids I went to school with were getting killed or locked up at an early age. Growing up in Highland Park made me feel like I can go to any hood and adapt.

TSB: What’s the song you heard that made you want to become a rapper? 

Stackz: Growing up it wasn’t a certain song the made me become a rapper but there were a few artists that inspired me. I remember the first time I heard Nas on the radio I was amazed at the storytelling and delivery. Even though I wasn’t old enough to understand everything he was saying something about it that made me feel like I could relate and made me want to become a rapper. I remember watching videos on BET and begging my mom to by me some of the brands I saw rappers wearing in videos like Fubu, Karl Kani, Starter, Coogi etc. just to feel like I was one of them. 

TSB: Tell me about some of your solo projects you have available. 

Stackz: I have two solo projects out MVP Season and MVP Season 2: Repeat and current working on the third installment MVP Season 3: THREEPEAT which will release on my birthday December 30th this year. ( I always knew my potential when it some to making music. I feel like an athlete that started from the bottom and put in work every day until they finally became a great. I studied some of my greatest inspirations like Jay Z, Nas, Jadakiss, Kanye, Drake, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross and a few others learning the proper way to execute my songs, project rollout and merchandise. I feel like at this point I’m no longer a rapper but an artist in every sense. All my music is based on my life, relationships, past traumas, and achievements. I want my fans to be able to relate and feel like they can become the MVP of their field if they put the work in. 

TSB: Talk to me about the group your currently apart of.

Stackz: I’m half of the rap duo Hustle & Stackz aka The Splash Bros We currently have three projects out Vibez, More Vibez, and Splash Bros. Hustle is my cousin and we’re current working on our third installment of the Vibez series which will be titled “Still Vibez.”

TSB: I see you have your own rolling papers, tell me about “Good Vibez.”

Stackz: Good Vibez Rollin is a natural organic hemp rolling paper company I started with one best friends towards the end of last year. He was having health issues and the doctor said they were coming from smoking to many Backwoods, so he decided to smoking hemp papers. I already smoked papers always preferred them over Woods. So, we decided to start researching how create own brand. About a year later Good Vibez Rollin was born. Our products are tobacco free and contain zero traces of nicotine, tobacco, or toxic additives. 

Tired of stall blunts and leaves fucking up your vibe. Then smoke good with Good Vibez Rollin.

TSB: What’s next for you? 

Stackz: The future is bright. I have a clothing line called “Cultivated” in the works that will drop later this year. I see myself starring in more films becoming one biggest artist out of Michigan and building Good Vibez Rollin up to being one of the biggest rolling paper brands in the world.

TSB: How can people contact you? 

Stackz: can contact me via social media or email

IG: splashbros_stackz

Twittter: SplashBros


Conversation conducted by: S.L Jackson (For more info visit

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