“Flying High” With Detroit’s Own Snatra747

In part 4 of our series on Varsity Music Group/ASIR Consulting we introduce to you, Brandon Flye, AKA, Snatra747. One of the latest additions to the VMG roster, Snatra747 takes us on a journey telling us how he arrived where he is today.

Thissomebull.com: Could you introduce yourself to our readers.

Snatra747: My name is Brandon Flye, I go by Snatra747.

Thissomebull.com: Talk about your experiences growing up on the west side of Detroit.

Snatra747:  Where I’m from one street over is Highland Park, going the other way is the North end but my street is considered the West, so I was kinda in the middle. I used to get my haircut on the North end but did a lot of hanging out in Highland Park especially meeting up with my bro’s in HP at the college exchange rapping bars. As I got older most of my time was spent on the Eastside.

Thissomebull.com: You made a big name for yourself as a battle rapper, how did you get into battling? 

Snatra747:  Rap started getting serious for me in high school at DAAS which is on the Eastside. In between classes somebody was always rapping in the hallways, I was 17 intrigued & determined to be unstoppable. I locked myself in my room for a whole summer listening to the Lox, Cassidy & J Hood. After that I was in the streets battle rapping & destroying everybody in my way & building relationships with people that are on my level lyrically, the biggest moment for me in my battle rap career was when people started recognizing me that I didn’t know, in my mind I was having fun I didn’t know it was that serious until then.

Thissomebull.com: In 2020 you released your first official EP, “Millionaire Self Esteem” talk to me about the process of making and releasing this project. 

Snatra747:  In 2020 I released my first EP titled “Millionaire Self Esteem

(https://tidal.com/album/184571560) at that point in my life I was ready to put it all on the table, I was fresh out of a divorce & I was ready to talk my talk, my mindset was different I had to have the hardest beats, quality graphics, & quality sound, seeing that it was my first project I wanted to show the world that I can transition and make it work. 

Thissomebull.com: When did you decide to work with Varsity Music Group? 

Snatra747: My manager that helped me with my solo project passed some years back before I released it, I talk about him on the “Neva 4Get” track off the “Fuck A Demo Tape” EP (Long Live The CEO) 

I went a few years without having a manager, & then I linked with B Scarb. B Scarband I knew each other from back in the day so the history was already there, we lost touch then ended up crossing paths again. I had seen how Dot Gang was moving so Scarb offered me a slot on one of there shows, we had the crowd moving & I knew that was it. That’s when it became official & I partnered with VMG/ASIR.

Thissomebull.com: How was the process working with three other artists for the, “Fuck a Demo Tape” project? 

Snatra747: Working with the 3 artists on the “Fuck A Demo Tape” was a dope experience for me, we all mesh and fed off each other’s energy, the process felt natural I’m looking forward to making more music as a collective in future.

Thissomebull.com: What’s next for you? 

Snatra747: You can expect a solo project from me, I got a few things up my sleeve! 

Thissomebull.com: How can people contact you? 

Snatra747: To stay up to date with everything I have going on you can follow me on IG (@Snatra747). Also, you can follow me on Facebook (Brandon Flye). I have a clothing line (@Squad_Goals_Collection) for exclusive merch. If you want to book me, you can contact my manager on IG (@grindlife313) or Brandon K Scarber on Facebook. 

(Part 5 coming soon)

Conversation conducted by: S.L Jackson (For more information www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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