Father of 5 dumpster dives to provide for family

One store’s trash is another man’s treasure.

A father of five has shot to internet fame after a video of his dumpster diving went viral.

The dad, named Brandon, runs a YouTube account with more than 83,000 subscribers called “Grab It Fast,” which features his filthy finds.

“Follow me on my journey as I save food, merchandise and other items from ending up in the landfills,” reads his bio. “A huge portion of what I find gets donated to multiple blessings boxes throughout my community.”

In his videos, he visits various stores like Ulta, CVS and Dollar General to rummage through the waste in hopes of finding some treasure. He also frequents supermarkets, where massive amounts of food is dumped, filling up his car in a matter of minutes.

He’s unearthed suitcases, makeup, perfume, crackers, cookies, pretzels, pancake mix and even some desserts.

“Let’s see if Ulta threw away any more good makeup,” he said in one video. “Put a smile on my wife’s face.”

He regularly strikes gold, finding unopened food and other useful merchandise.YouTube/GRAB IT FASTHe’s racked up quite the following, with loyal viewers logging on to his live dives on YouTube and leaving encouraging comments under videos.

“I love watching you guys and it’s beautiful what you do for the community to give back,” wrote user Darlene-Jones Nelson.

What the family can’t use or doesn’t want is donated to the local community.YouTube/GRAB IT FAST“I am just amazed at the stuff these stores throw away,” commented another baffled viewer.

For others, the gracious father’s actions were an inspiration to try dumpster diving.

“You were the first diver I ever saw on YouTube about 8 months ago … who gave me courage to try it myself,” wrote a loyal fan and fellow debris pillager. “Now I’m addicted!”

Brandon isn’t the only dumpster diver that’s made a killing from his dirty endeavors.

Megan Godinez, a stay-at-home mom, claimed she made more than $13,000 rummaging through stores’ dumpsters in Dallas, thanking her thriftiness for saving her money on beauty or hygiene products.

“It started out as a hobby at first after I watched a video of something similar on YouTube,” she said. Eventually, the hobby turned into something a bit more.

She’s discovered clothes, coffee machines, foods and even six treadmills. She keeps only 25% of her finds, donating the rest, just like Brandon.

Anna Sacks, another dumpster diver extraordinaire, picked up a similar hobby in recent years. Called “thetrashwalker,” the New York City influencer swept the city’s dumpsters, airing their salvageable discards online, showing just how much the Big Apple wastes.

Another avid diver revealed she’s really a banker who aims to retire by 30 and is rummaging through treasure troves of garbage to save money to reach her goal.

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