Essential Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel

Essential Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel

Launching a YouTube channel in 2022 may seem daunting. It’s an incredibly competitive space, and it’s a challenge for beginners to make a splash on the platform. However, if you’re passionate about creating content and want to get your channel off the ground, here’s some essential equipment for starting a YouTube channel that you can invest in to get the ball rolling.


No matter what type of content you want to create, one of the best ways to connect with your audience is to show yourself on camera for your viewers to see. If you’re seeking to show yourself off in the best possible way, consider buying a high-quality camera. Streamers can focus on a webcam like the Logitech C922 Pro Stream, while those recording away from the computer might want a proper camcorder like the Panasonic HC-V180K.

A helpful tip for those just starting is that your smartphone has a good video camera. If you’re serious about video creation, you will want to upgrade, but a phone is a fine place to make your first few videos.


Many YouTubers run into a common problem: going off on tangents or stumbling through their intended points with “ums” and “uhs” that make their video seem amateurish and of low quality. If you’re sitting down in front of a camera for a vlog or update video, an essential piece of equipment for your YouTube channel is a teleprompter. A simple tablet teleprompter helps you keep focus, not stumble over your lines, and can drastically cut down your overall recording time.


Depending on the type of content you make, voiceover narration is often a significant factor when reviewing video games, movies, TV shows, or whatever else you plan to discuss. So, naturally, a USB microphone to record your scripts is an invaluable tool. A good starter microphone is the Blue Snowball iCE, which records quality audio at an affordable price. It’s also good to invest in a pop filter to reduce those perplexing, peculiar popping “P” sounds on your audio track.

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