Enter Your Villain Era with These Patent Leather Pieces

Let your knits hang out in your closet a little longer and try a ultra-glossy, high-shine look instead. Look to brands like Blumarine, Givenchy and Courrèges, who all decided that we need more drama in wardrobes that can get a little drab during the colder months. An extension of the punk aesthetic that’s been popular lately and the trend cycle returning back to the 2010s, we’re parting with muted looks and embracing high-voltage varnish.

The allure of the lustrous finish is undeniable, but only if you’re prepared for it. If going full throttle in head to toe patent leather feels too bold or intimidating, start slowly by incorporating the sleek texture into your accessories — think handbags, shoes, and hair accoutrements. The more adventurous can amp up your look with metallic leather pieces that really make a statement.

Still not sure how to wear this trend? Look to none other than Zendaya, who look masterfully effortless in Ferragamo’s latest collection, designed by the brand’s new creative director, Maximillian Davis.


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Ready to channel your inner femme fatale? From glossy leather jackets and latex gloves to metallic footwear, here are our top patent leather pieces to slip on this season.

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