Elisabeth Hoekstra, Shares “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness”.

Women empowerment is one thing, but the power of a woman is something different. Meet Elisabeth Hoekstra, the modern-day renaissance woman. The former actress turned sous chef, pastry chef, turned real estate entrepreneur is now an author. With a focus on mental health Elisabeth decided to write her debut book, “The Recipe To Elevated Consciousness” which is a must read. Thissomebull.com recently spoke with Elisabeth about her life’s journey and how she got to where she is today. 

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers.

EH: My name is Elisabeth; I was adopted from Korea and grew up in Lansing Michigan.

TSB: Tell me about your experience growing up, how was your childhood?

EH: My childhood was average, I lived with my parents until 14, when I moved out. Lots of trauma, brother had kidney issues, mother ended up donating her kidney to him, put lots of strain on the family. Child abuse that led to rebellion, sent to bootcamp and boarding school.

TSB: What made you decide to get into entertainment as a teenager?

EH: I danced as soon as I turned 18 to make money – was living on my own. Became great at it, but then got “discovered” by a popular DJ in Detroit and asked to present Detroit hip hop awards ’06. Began modeling career then.

TSB: After accomplishing so much in such a short amount of time, you decided to go to college for business management and marketing, why the industry shift?

EH: I wanted to go to school to get a degree to provide myself more options in life. Was going to school online while I was traveling the country in different movies, tv shows, and appearances.

TSB: Have you always enjoyed cooking, because at some point you were also a sous chef, as well as a pastry chef?

EH: When I lived in Louisiana, I fell in love with the southern cooking style. I decided I wanted to learn more and went back to school for it. While I was in school, I realized I enjoyed baking and pastry much more, so I ended up joining the program and received my baking a pastry certificate with honors. I was chosen to be the Pastry chefs sous chef, so I studied under him for a while before entering the culinary industry.

TSB: Then you got into real estate and had set records with opening offices for a certain company?

EH: I got tired of working a 9-5 and wanted more freedom with my time. I decided to get my real estate license and ended up quitting culinary. I then formed a real estate team and got hired by a company in Michigan where I broke records for acquiring the most offices in the shortest amount of time in that companies history.

TSB: Tell us about some of the charities you’ve worked with.

EH: I’ve worked with multiple charities helping underprivileged children, children with cancer, and women’s rights. “Kids kicking cancer”, Angels of Hope, and the Main street league, also the advent house where they feed the homeless. We also went to Matamoros Mexico to help build orphanages for children. My favorite program is Communities in Schools, they help underprivileged children get what they need to become successful.

TSB: During all this time and work how were you feeling mentally?

EH: During the business of my careers, I would have to be honest, my mental health wasn’t the greatest. I was covering up my insecurities with what the public would call “success”, really, I was running away from my own problems, I was running away from myself.

TSB: When did you decide to look at your own mental health?

EH: I started after I had my son because I wanted to give him the best opportunity to succeed without my drama being attached to his life. I really started working on my mental health after a bad break up where I hit rock bottom.

TSB: What steps did you take in repairing what you felt was damaged?

EH: I’ve used over 70 holistic modalities to help my mental and spiritual health over the past 16 years. To do this, I researched different tools, dug out my triggers and trauma, and faced my own issues, all with the help of bio-hacking/different technologies

TSB: How did you start working with Billy Carson?

EH: I met Billy through a friend and aligned with his mission so much that when he recruited me, we fit together like a perfect puzzle. Where he was lacking in hands, I was able to provide the value he needed and vice versa.

TSB: Tell me about your new book, “The recipe to Elevated Consciousness”

EH: The first half of my book is an interview extracting my life story of ups, downs, wins, and losses. The second half of the book is 46 different things that you can use and do to help raise your level of consciousness. (https://www.4biddenknowledge.com/online-store/The-Recipe-To-Elevated-Consciousness-p439671011)

TSB: How can people contact you?

EH: People can go to my IG – @elisabethihoekstra / @iamelisabethhoekstra , twitter – @lishoekstra , facebook.com/iamelisabethhoekstra , elisabethihoekstra.com, or watch my podcast Bio-Hack Your Best Life on the 4biddenknowledge YouTube channel. (https://youtu.be/WPqGi3ylnKg)

Conversation conducted by S.L Jackson (For more info visit www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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