Drunk man falls in ring of fire after picking fight with ladies

He fell into a burning ring of fire — and not in the cool Johnny Cash way.

A drunken UK man got lit in more ways than one after falling into a ring of fire after starting a brawl with several women, as seen in a video of the firefight igniting the interwebs.

“The fight escalated very quickly,” videographer Martin Johnson, 53, who works as a security guard, told the Daily Mail of the inflammatory incident, which occurred Saturday during a street performance in Leicester, Caters reported.

The 3-minute clip begins innocently enough with a crowd of spectators cheering as the entertainer performs tricks off-screen. All of a sudden, the camera cuts to the intoxicated lout arguing with several women.

The altercation was allegedly sparked after a man stood too close to a mother’s young daughter.Martin Johnson / CATERS NEWSAccording to Johnson, “one of the ladies took offense” after the man got too close to her young daughter, and wouldn’t stay away despite numerous warnings.

The altercation escalates after one of the ladies pushes the wino, who shoves her back and hurls some of his drink in her face.

The drunkard kicked over the flaming hoop, whereupon it fell around him like a game of human ring toss.Martin Johnson / CATERS NEWSThe blonde gal then throws the drunkard to the ground, whereupon bystanders step in between the two, who continue to yell at each other. Shortly thereafter, the street performer can be heard announcing his next stunt.

“Are you ready for this,” he shouts.

The woman threw the hooligan to the ground during the melee.Martin Johnson / CATERS NEWSSeemingly taking it as a cue, the boozehound staggers into the middle of the stunt and angrily kicks down the artist’s flaming hoop — which then falls perfectly around him as onlookers gasp in shock. Despite being encircled in fire, the man manages to stand up without setting his clothes ablaze.

However, the hooch-filled hooligan gets his comeuppance after the performer pushes him to the ground and drags him away as the crowd cheers.

Local authorities arrived at the scene later to attend to a man who’d claimed he’d been assaulted during the melee, the Daily Mail reported.

Spectators cheered as the street performer pushed the brute to the ground and dragged him away.Martin Johnson / CATERS NEWSThis isn’t the first public brawl that’s made headlines of late. A woman was arrested in September after hurling drinks and haymakers in a wild restaurant rumble during the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City’s Little Italy.

Meanwhile, this past May, a woman was knocked unconscious during a booze-fueled brawl that erupted at an Ohio water park after someone cut the line for a ride.

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