Small towns produce some of the biggest things, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania is no different. One of the biggest things coming out of that small city is Jason Washington, the worship pastor at the Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh. The lifelong musician, song writer spoke to thissomebull.com about his recent single, “I AM SAFE.”

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

Jason Washington: My name is Jason Washington. I’m a musician, singer, songwriter, & worship leader who is passionate about God, my family and music. As a Christian Recording Artist, my goal is to write songs that help inspire, serve and meet the needs of people. I’m also the full time Worship Pastor at Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh where I oversee the Music, Arts, and Technical departments. I was born and raised in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania a small town north of Pittsburgh, where I currently reside.

TSB: Talk about your experiences growing up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. 

Jason Washington: Growing up in Aliquippa was both a joy and a challenge growing up. “Quip” is widely recognized for its athletic prowess, which made it difficult for some who didn’t focus on athletics. Also known for its street life, often times athletics was seen as the only “way out”‘ of our hood and to “make it” per se. While I was involved in athletics early on, I was mostly known as someone who was advanced academically. However, that came with bullying just for being smart, which ultimately lead to me pursuing my gift of music. I wanted to fit in and to be known for something “cooler”‘ than being the smart kid. I eventually joined the band as a drummer and eventually excelled at it throughout high school. This allowed me to be creative, while using my God given music gifts that I was just discovering. Little did I know it would lead to my vocation and profession. 

TSB: Describe your musical journey thus far, when did you pick up the drums?

 Jason Washington: I started playing drums in middle school. I never had lessons, so I was at a disadvantage when I joined the band. My older sister and I both used to memorize all the songs after hearing the other students play them, and eventually the sheet music started to make sense, lol. We taught ourselves how to read music and eventually our band directors didn’t know the difference. Once I was in college I began to attend my dad’s church and started playing drums for the Youth Choir. From there I started shadowing the keyboard player and began to practice and get better at piano at a fast pace. I watched the choir director and learned how to do that. Little did I realize, but In a 2-3 year period, I was honing many of the skills necessary to be a Minister of Music. Eventually, I received an opportunity to do just that around the age of 21 or so and just continued to grow from there. I also began writing and arranging and producing, as well as leading worship and training others to grow and excel in ministry. 

TSB: How do you balance being in the music industry and being a pastor?

 Jason Washington: This balance can certainly be challenging. Being a Worship Pastor of a large church is an incredible responsibility because it’s both my job and my calling. I have to provide for myself and my family but also there is a calling to train, equip and serve the needs of people. Aside from that, a person still has their own vision and dreams that may be tied to but not fully connected with their job. Finding time to pour into your own projects can be challenging but it CAN be done. Especially when you have the full support of your family, your Pastor and other leaders, church body, etc. it’s completely doable.

TSB: Talk to me about your latest single “I Am Safe” featuring Aniah Paris & Jordan McNeal. 

Jason Washington: “I AM SAFE” is a song that depicts the picture of the relationship between us and GOD. It’s written as a duet so in style it’s very conversational. It tells the story of how we all experience seasons in our lives when it seems like we are alone, but in reality, God is always there. So whether we’ve experienced depression, anxiety, fear, grief, illness, or any type of struggle, God wants us to know that in his arms we are SAFE. Special Note: I decided to record the song with my daughter Aniah Paris, so there are also some natural vs. spiritual parallels one can grasp from the song’s message of our relationship with “Our Father.”

TSB: Contact information.

Jason Washington: Email jwashington315@aol.com FB/IG: jasonjwashington FB MUSIC PAGE: jasonjwashingtonmusic PHONE: 412.281.8437


Jason J. Washington

Worship Pastor

Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh

2225 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

(Office) 412.281.8437


Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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