“Detrone Does It”, The YouTube Sensation You Need To Know”

Small towns breed hustlers in all forms, Detrone Turner fits directly in that category. Turning his love for cars into a career, while perfecting his passion for content creation Detrone has taken YouTube by storm. Professionally known as “Detrone Does It,” Thissomebull.com had the opportunity to speak with Detrone about his journey from Flint Michigan to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

Detrone: My name is Detrone Turner, and I was born and raised in Flint Michigan, I am a husband and father of two amazing boys. Over the course of the last decade, I have developed close ties to Las Vegas, Portland Oregon, San Jose California, and I currently reside in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Business Administration, I turned my passion for cars into a career in the automotive industry. In my free time I work toward my passion for creating and cultivating digital media for myself and others. I am a self-taught adobe designer, and I have developed media for individuals and organizations both large and small. As the head of Detrone Does It LLC, I manage a monitored YouTube account, designs websites and edits short form media content in the pursuit of creativity.

TSB: Talk to us about growing up in Flint.

Detrone: I had an amazing childhood growing up in Flint Michigan, the city was a thriving example of the middle-class dream in the late 80’s and 90’s. Both of my parents proudly worked for General Motors, and the connection to GM was a common thread throughout the city, since most individuals had a relative or a family friend that was employed by the automotive giant. I grew up in a close-knit family and with 4 siblings and a very large extended family, there was never a shortage of people to visit and things to do. Flint breeds a certain kind of toughness in its residence, but it also creates a certain appreciation for the hard work that’s required to be successful in your given field.

TSB: Where did you get your passion for cars?

Detrone: My father was always passionate about cars and getting into General Motors at a young age allowed him to fully indulge in his love for cars, and so I largely gathered my appreciation for cars from him. He taught me a lot about the functionality of cars but more about the freedom that automobiles represent.

TSB: You have heavy ties to the West Coast, what made you head out west? 

Detrone: My west coast journey started when I decided that I no longer wanted to work in Human resources for a big box retailer after college, so I quit my job, packed all my belongings into my mustang and drove from Flint to Las Vegas. I had no job, limited money, and no real direction but I always trusted that it would work out and that’s exactly what happened. I parlayed a job in Vegas into a career opportunity in Portland, an organizational need in San Jose led to a growth opportunity in Texas. I am certainly proud to be a Flint native, but my time spent out west gave me experiences and relationships that may not have been available to me otherwise.

TSB: Tell our readers about the digital content you are creating. 

Detrone: I have created more than 100 YouTube videos that largely revolve around the things I am passionate about including parenting, diy homeowner projects, cars, shoes, and the renovation of a shuttle bus that I own. I have generated nearly 200k views on YouTube alone since late 2019, with my content that focuses on both functional and abstract video ideas. I have created short commercials for local businesses, edited short form videos for multiple creators across websites like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. I enhance still photos, overlay complex graphics over videos and honestly, I just strive to execute the vision that other have.

TSB: What are you currently working on? 

Detrone: The largest project that I have right now is renovating a 14-passenger shuttle bus into a mobile thrift store. One of the businesses that have spawned from Detrone Does It LLC is a co-owned thrift store with my wife called Off Racks Shop. I have a full playlist on my YouTube page filled with the step by step details that I am working through to turn a shuttle into a mobile store as well as developing our website www.OffRacksShop.com that’s preparing to launch in early November 2022. I also work on a retainer basis for other artists and creatives who need video editing services as well.

TSB: Contact information 

Detrone: Official inquiries regarding Detrone Does It LLC can be sent to Detrone@DetroneDoesIt.com and inquiries regarding OffRacksShop can be sent Detrone@OffRacksShop.com. I am accessible via direct message on www.Instagram.com/DetroneDoesIt or via the comment section on www.Youtube.com/DetroneDoesIt.

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson(www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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