Cris Tales Update Adds New Content And ‘Significantly Decreases’ Switch Load Times

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTubeCris Tales is a JRPG that arrived in the Summer with a fair bit of attention, courtesy of bright visuals and interesting time manipulation mechanics at its heart – we gave it a recommendation in our review.
It’s now had a major update that’s rolled out and should be live now on the Switch. It adds some new content, while the press release also emphasizes that it delivers significantly decreased load times on Switch.

Today’s update adds a wealth of new features to the game, including the brand-new playable character Adri, who will unleash her robotic mechanisms on all who attempt to challenge her. She’ll be able to show off her abilities in the game’s all-new dungeon, which features exclusive enemies and a brand-new story.Players will also have a chance to flaunt their skills in the new-and-improved Coliseum, where they’ll face off against waves of increasingly challenging enemies with fantastic rewards on the line.Beyond these new additions, this update adds additional content to Cris Tales such as a new ending (including a brand-new cutscene), significantly decreases load times on the Switch version of the game and more.

It seems like it could be an ideal time to revisit the game or perhaps make a start, as the experience should now be somewhat slicker. Let us know if it’s on your upcoming playlist, as always, in the comments below.

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