Couple converts 65-foot military boat into home despite critics

This couple’s home is all decked out.

New parents Taryn Collins and Jason Loger are making waves online after spending over $50,000 to maintain and refurbish a 65-foot decommissioned military tugboat, transforming the vessel into a full-time living space in which they’re raising their 8-month-old baby. 

And TikTok attackers are ready to clap the Northern California couple in irons for housing their newborn in seemingly “unsafe” digs. 

“If [the boast is used on] vacation [that’s] fine by me, but living in that place NO!” scolded a detractor under a viral “Living on a boat” post shared by Collins, 35. “It’s not stable where children would [be safe].”

But she and Loger, both 35 — who surprised Collins by purchasing the massive Coast Guard ship for $35,000 on their second date in 2019 — absolutely “love” life on the San Francisco Bay. 

Collins admits that she initially had no interest in living on a boat full time until Jason surprised her with their 65-foot military vessel on their second date. Taryn Collins/Caters News“When I first saw the boat in pictures, I thought it was a floating tetanus shot,” Collins told Caters. “But once I got in there and saw Jason’s love and his passion for it and saw the ability to move on water, I fell in love with the whole idea of it.”

After a year of dating and being placed on the liveaboard waitlist — a standby queue on which water-living hopefuls await a boat docking slip assignment at a marina — Collins, who formerly worked in vet medicine, and Loger, a railroad worker, moved with their two dogs onto the boat in Benicia, California. 

A month later, the sea-faring pair welcomed son Russell. 

“We wanted to do this fun twist, like it’s a home and it’s something cool on the water for people to enjoy,” Collins said of buoyant abode. 

She and Loger spent over $50,000 maintaining and remodeling their $35,000 tugboat.Taryn Collins/Caters News“We are able to untie our lines and change our scenery at any given moment and that’s so nice, especially with the pandemic,” she added, confessing that the global health crisis taught her that stationary living is “so silly.”

And the stay-at-home mom counts herself and family lucky to have “a view that people pay millions for, for a fraction of the cost,” noting that they’ve spent more than $20,000 on routine maintenance for the boat and $30,000 on filling it with necessities like HVAC equipment, flooring and major appliances.

However, Collins says she’s regularly harassed by haters

“After posting to TikTok, I’m hearing comments saying that it’s delusional and not safe,” she said. “[But] what part of it isn’t safe? Everything I’m doing is safe and it’s just as safe as what you would be in a house.”

And when it comes to the repeated caution from digital detractors who warn that her son “will fall in the water,” Collins simply doesn’t give a ship. 

“No matter if you live in a boat or a house, you need to supervise your children. We have doors and we have brains,” she quipped. “I would say about 95% of the people would say that they wish they could do this, and that I’m a good mum to give my son this awesome adventure.”

Collins and Loger are excited to take their son on “awesome adventures” while raising him on their converted boathouse. Taryn Collins/Caters NewsAnd she admits that bringing up a baby on a boat isn’t so unique. 

“A lot of people think that we’re doing something crazy and extravagant and we’re not,” said Collins. “There are so many people who live on boats, and they do with their kids, and they sail around the world.”

And the globe-trotting benefits of sea-life seem to be the main reason she and her first mates won’t soon be jumping ship. 

“Now we can go out and see the world and meet people and be as secluded as you want or not as secluded.”

Hey, whatever floats your boat. 

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