Congratulate Your Friend on a New Job With These Gift Ideas

Congratulate Your Friend on a New Job With These Gift Ideas

It’s exciting when one of your friends lands a new job. Congratulate them on this accomplishment by gifting them something thoughtful. Celebrating with them will make this milestone more special and will most likely mean a great deal to your friend—use our ideas below to give them something memorable.

Wine & Glasses

No gift is more celebratory than a bottle of wine with some wine glasses. Many companies offer custom labels on bottles so you can personalize the item for the individual and the occasion. Pop the cork, pour a glass (or two) of wine, and get to celebrating!


Will your friend be working at a desk for their new job? A nameplate in their office will make the situation even more surreal. This is the perfect gift for doctors or teachers.

Classic Wristwatch

An elegant wristwatch makes for the ultimate gift for every occasion, but when a new job is involved, it’s even more special because it will be functional at work. Choose a design your friend could wear daily with just about anything in their wardrobe. This allows them to utilize the watch more.

Coffee Mug

Coffee is necessary no matter what type of job your friend is working. Find a mug or travel cup related to your friend’s new position. This gift idea is a fun way to get creative and find something niche and quirky.

Adult Lunchbox

Don’t allow your friend to take a paper bag for lunch every day. Find a lunch box that could serve a larger purpose other than a place to house food. Many bags in stores today look more like purses and have multiple pockets to place keys, wallets, food, and much more.

Desk Plant

Congratulate your friend on a new job by gifting them a desk plant. This will make their office feel livelier and cozier. Purchase a nice card with a plant pun to make this idea even more thoughtful.

Keep your friend’s interests in mind along with what their new position entails to curate the perfect gift. Beginning a new job is exciting, and they deserve something to celebrate. What will you gift your friend when they land their dream job?

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