Chlöe’s Knee-Slapping Cackle In Skit With Druski Sparks Fan Speculation

Chlöe’s Knee-Slapping Cackle In Skit With Druski Sparks Fan Speculation

Chlöe Bailey thinks comedian Druski is a riot, and now fans are discussing their work chemistry. For social media followers, the pair teamed up for a comedy skit that has fans talking about Chlöe’s seemingly exaggerated reaction to Druski’s part in it.

The singer and comedian recorded the funny moment to highlight her song “Surprise.” Chlöe recently released the sultry music video for her song “Surprise” starring model Broderick Hunter. The song details the 23-year-old’s urge to please her partner as long as they treat her well and the video delivers that message well.

Chlöe Drops To The Floor In Skit With Druski

To share some funny promo with fans, Chlöe and comedian Druski released a skit yesterday. In the clip, Chlöe starts off singing in a mirror and then it transitions into Druski dancing to her song.

Another angle of the funny skit shows Chlöe immediately reacting ti Druski’s dancing skills. The singer slapped him on the shoulder twice before belly laughing and dropping to the floor.

Fans of Chlöe ‘s and Druski’s commented on the second video, noting Chlöe ‘s over the top amusement. One fan shared a meme of a male throwing a chair in disappointment, sharing the sarcastic caption:


Another viral tweeter reacting to the skit said, “I know what that laugh mean.” In response, people agreed with the original poster, claiming they thought Chlöe was flirting. Others pointed out that the singer may be impressed by Druski’s comedy and appearance.

One fan gave Druski his props for the people confused at fans assuming that Chlöe would be flirting with him.

He’s hilarious and handsome. That’s a lethal combination. I can see why Chloe Bailey might be interested in him.

So far, neither Chloe or Druski have reacted to any fan speculation about their skit. Roomies, did you think it was drop-to-the-floor funny???

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