Cara Delevingne Awkwardly Fawning For Megan Thee Stallion Is Puzzling People

Cara Delevingne Awkwardly Fawning For Megan Thee Stallion Is Puzzling People

Award shows are usually an occasion for people to share their excitement for their favorite musical artists. However, somehow model Cara Delevingne is still a topic of conversation after rapper Megan Thee Stallion had Cara as her “plus-one” for the televised Billboard Awards.

On Sunday, Cara, 29, popped up on the red carpet for Billboard with Meg, confusing people who didn’t know who she was at first. The English model is famous for ripping runways, but that evening she assisted Meg by holding up the train to her dress as the hottie posted up for paparazzi photos.

In one video clip causing a stir online, Cara Delevingne licked her lips at Meg while she shows off her itty bitty brown dress on the press carpet. This was just the first of many Meg/Cara interactions that had people puzzled.

Twitter Reactions Poured In

Fans on social media tweeted endlessly about Cara’s seemingly “odd” interactions with Meg throughout the evening. In one surprise instance, the fashion model appeared to cut into a conversation between Megan and Doja Cat before the Houston artist accepted her Top Rap Female Artist award. One person tweeted, getting thousands of retweets in agreement:

“Cara’s fat a** head literally popped into the conversation B**** MOVE.”

When Megan received her award, Cara’s reaction raised concerned from fans who thought she invaded the rapper’s personal space. She leaned close and appeared to lick her tongue close to Megan’s body. Meg, however didn’t flinch in the moment while looking shocked.

In another image that went viral on Twitter, Cara is seen awkwardly laying on her back taking a photo of Doja Cat, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe. The photo attracted comments from people reacting in laughter and calling the moment “bizarre.” Cara, however appeared unbothered and having a great time at the show while social media made the moment a meme.

Cara Gets Cropped Out Of Meg & Doja Cat’s Photo

Afterward, Meg Thee Stallion shared her excitement about the night with fans on her Instagram stories. One of the photos she share sparked chatter when people noticed Cara Delevingne had been edited out. Some people thought that Meg shared the photo facetiously, but it was originally shared from a fan account.

Do you think Cara was doing too much? Scroll down to see more reactions on social media.

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