Broadcasting Live From Detroit, Meet Detroit’s “Westside Landlord”, Damon Bradley

Podcasting is an artform and Damon Bradley a.k.a Dame Gone Wild has been painting his picture for years now. Co-owner of Shop Talk Podcast and Studios, Dame is also an MC who has something to say. spoke with the self-proclaimed “West Side Landlord,” about how Detroit molded him.

TSB: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

DAME: Damon Bradley. I’m a father, business owner, podcaster, and overall creative. I represent the west side of Detroit. In my time outside of my job I’m raising my beautiful children, writing, learning how to tattoo and navigating this thing called life. 

TSB: Talk about growing up in Detroit, Michigan.

DAME:  Born and raised in Detroit. My parents lived me enough that they raised me on the west side of the city. Grew up in a loving 2 parent home with my younger sister. Our home lives where really calm. I was honestly surrounded by love coming up. I was fortunate enough to go to private school until 8th grade. Graduated and went to Cass Tech, and after graduation attended Specs Howard. Got my hands dirty in radio and it’s been on from there ever since. 

TSB: At one time you were an M.C, how did you get into music? 

DAME: Well, let me clarify I still rap. I got started like most kids in high school. Cyphers outside of school. Lots of battle rapping. Lunchroom beating on tables. I won a city-wide talent contest in high school and that really put the battery in my back in turns of rap. I got a lot of attention from local crews. Ran with Koncrete Records for a while, Double Negative collective. Damn near every open mic outlet in the city I’ve graced the stage at some point. I’ve had auditions with MTV, opportunities to write for some major labor artists. Even had a major deal presented. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a major space and didn’t have the business mindset at that time to take full advantage of those opportunities. I was a headache. But I believe what’s for you, will be for you. So, I just took it all on the chin as a learning experience. Fell back from rap in the last few years dealing with life, losing parents, kids, and my own health concerns. But I feel like I’m in a good space and ready to get back to it. 

TSB: Tell me about Shop Talk Podcast. 

DAME:  Shoptalk Podcast is a platform where my partner Jason and I discuss topics that you’d normally hear in the barbershop on a Saturday afternoon. We both grew up in that culture of hearing men debate topics in an unfiltered space. We talk sports, politics, music, relationships. The conversations are honest, loud, brash, opinionated, and unapologetic. Jason and I have really found our voice and have cultivated a platform and a loyal following. We say the things that people are afraid and are not comfortable saying in a lot of spaces. But people have gravitated towards it and truly support it. Shoptalk has literally changed my life for the better and given me a real purpose.

TSB: What else are you working on? 

DAME: Currently I’m working on new music. I have a project tentatively titled “God Made Dirt” that I’m looking to drop by the end of the year, I’m also looking to have a short documentary accompany it as well. My personal life is pretty interesting, and I want to share it with people. Other than that, I started a new podcast “Dame After Dark” where I focus on more sexual and risqué topics for the time being. We are currently just 2 episodes deep. A completely different direction of what we do weekly on Shoptalk. I definitely have some other aspirations though. I really want to do some acting and modeling so feel free to tap in with me.

TSB: Thank you for taking your time out to speak with us, how can people keep in touch with you? 

DAME: If people are looking to contact me, they can reach me on social media. My handle is the same on Instagram, twitter and TikTok it’s Dame___313. I’m constantly checking messages so if you want to talk to me, or work with me in any capacity it’s the best way to reach me. You can also contact me at my email address Thanks for the opportunity.

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (

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