British home attracts thousands, owner open to nudists

A bizarre advert for a roommate has left social media users stunned as the poster has a very strange demand.

The Underwood house located in Brisbane, Queensland has a number of rooms for rent and comes with a pool table, a photography studio, a swimming pool, and a gym.

But what’s left potential flatmates stunned was that clothing in the house was optional.

The house has been previously advertised with prices for each room ranging from $180 to $200 but with no mention of nudity.

However, in a recent Facebook post, a current flatmate specified that “Nudist welcome, private, cozy, entertaining and respectful home.”

Posting on Brisbane Online Marketplace’s page, Emilio Spinosa said there is a king-size room and a queen size available for $200 including bills.

Flatmates of the Nudist house share the kitchen, laundry, and lounge area.

The strange ad has left Facebook users stunned with one wondering: “Do you have to be nude or is it a choice?”

The Facebook marketplace advertisement says each room is selling between $180 to $200.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaThe property in Queensland, United Kingdom offers multiple king and queen size bedrooms.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaAccording to housemate Emilio Spinosa, tenants can use a photo studio with a pool table included.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaResidents can get a boxing session done at the patio.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaAnother one said: “I’m reading between the lines here… something more sinister going on.

“I bet there’s no cupboards or storage for your clothes, hence nudists wanted? Beware!”

Someone joked: “Do we have to wear masks inside?”

And someone added : “Please come live in my house and be naked playing table tennis thank you. Bless them. Good on ‘em for looking for their tribe, albeit via FB marketplace.”

The property offers a table-tennis room.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaTenants can relax outside with a view of the pool.Courtesy of @emiliospinosaHousemate Emilio Spinosa is welcoming nudists to the “private, cozy, entertaining and respectful home.”Courtesy of @emiliospinosaAnother one said: “perfect for your S & M Dundgeon.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission. 

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