An Uber Eats Driver Wants To Sue Snoop Dogg For Revealing His Personal Info After Canceling A Delivery

A driver for Uber Eats says he wants to sue Snoop Dogg after the rapper revealed his personal information on social media during a tirade about a canceled order. Snoop, who had ordered the food to his compound in Inglewood, said that the driver dipped without delivering the food, leaving behind the message that the neighborhood was “not a safe place.” Now, because of the rapper’s video complaining about the supposedly bad service, the driver says he has anxiety and fear for his family’s safety, according to CBS Los Angeles.

“There’s my picture there and also there is my first name,” said the driver, whose name, Sayd, photo, and license plate number both appeared in the video. Sayd, also said, “I contacted the customer many times and I also followed the protocol by the book.” Meanwhile, he was also disappointed in Uber’s response to Snoop’s video, a statement reading “We truly regret Snoop Dogg’s frustrating experience. We have reached out to apologize and refunded him for the order.” Sayd said, “When I read that, I just felt like it’s not fair because I am the one that deserves an apology from Uber Eats, not Snoop.” He has since quit working for Uber Eats.

For what it’s worth, it can be very frustrating to have drivers do the whole “not a safe neighborhood” thing (which happens to me all the time) and from personal experience, the neighborhood Snoop’s compound is in has always seemed relatively safe to me. But it’s not okay to put people’s personal info on the internet, especially considering how bad some of the harassment activity has gotten in recent years (to say nothing of what happened to Pop Smoke when he accidentally revealed his address). While Snoop probably didn’t mean any harm, we should all be just a little more aware when we share social media — and a little more forgiving of “punk-ass” Uber drivers who aren’t used to the ‘hood (get a new job, though, if you that scary).

Unfortunately, for Snoop, Sayd’s case wouldn’t be the only one the rapper faces. Earlier this month, an alleged former employee sued him for sexual assault, although he has asked the court to dismiss the case.

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