Americans locked in NASA capsule ‘have no idea about war in Ukraine’

Two Americans currently based in Russia may have no idea about the war unfolding in neighboring Ukraine because of a bizarre experiment being conducted by NASA.

The space agency has locked the US citizens inside a sealed capsule in Moscow for eight months as part of a space mission simulation, known as SIRIUS 21.

The Americans — William Brown, 36 and Ashley Kowalski, 32 — have been inside the capsule since last November along with three Russians and one Emirati.

The experiment, according to NASA, “will include almost 70 different studies that will help scientists learn more about the effects of isolation and confinement on human psychology, physiology, and team dynamics.”

The group were selected by NASA and IMBP, Russia’s State Scientific Research center, which is helping to oversee the operation.

The group consists of two Americans, three Russians and an Emirati. They have been living in the capsule for four months, and are not expected to be released until July. Instagram/@imbp.ruThe capsule is located inside a Soviet-era building in Moscow, according to NASA. NASAPhotos taken by the group from inside the capsule have been shared on an Instagram account belonging to IMBP — Russia’s State Scientific Research center.Instagram/@imbp.ruThe participants are not expected to emerge from the capsule — which is located inside a Soviet-era building — until July. The only contact they have with the outside world comes through letters uploaded to a secure server.

On Sunday, the US State Department issued a warning to all Americans in Russia saying they should seek to leave the country immediately.

However, it’s believed NASA is continuing on with the experiment as planned. The Post has contacted the organization for comment.

Brown is pictured at left.A friend based in the US says he hasn’t heard from him since before the war erupted in Ukraine last week.Instagram/@imbp.ruKowalski is seen at left alongside a Russian participant in the experiment. She has been inside the capsule since November.Instagram/@imbp.ruFive of the six participants are seen smiling in a selfie shared on the IMBP Instagram page. Instagram/@imbp.ruNathan Crane, who is friends with Brown, told Daily Mail that he last heard from his pal prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week.

“I was in contact with him last week about it and he is aware of it likely happening though I am unsure about how extensive his knowledge of it is at this point,” he stated.

“I haven’t heard back from him since the last letter which makes me wonder,” he continued, “if the Russian side is holding letters from them so they don’t find out more about the atrocities happening in Ukraine.”

According to NASA, the experiment “will include almost 70 different studies that will help scientists learn more about the effects of isolation and confinement on human psychology, physiology, and team dynamics.”Instagram/@imbp.ruThe participants are pictured enjoying a meal together in the capsule. It is unclear whether they are fully aware of the scale of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.Instagram/@kowalskinat0r’s profiPhotos taken from inside the capsule were frequently shared on IMBP’s Instagram account after the group began the experiment.

The snaps showed the participants enjoying Christmas and New Year celebrations together in their close confines. However, no new photos have been posted to the page since January 16.

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