Al Pacino’s Shrek phone case has Twitter in a tizzy

Turns out Al Pacino might be a big “Shrek” fan.

Fans on Twitter were spiraling after noticing the 81-year-old actor has a phone case with what appears to be the animated green ogre’s face all over it.

Jason Momoa shared a photo on Instagram of a group dinner celebrating a new art exhibition featuring the works of painter Julian Schnabel. 

At first glance, the photo seems to be extremely ordinary with a bunch of empty plates. The “Godfather” star can be seen alongside other friends, including Mick Jagger’s ex-girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 28. 

But the talk of the night wasn’t the sighting of Pacino and Alfallah leaving together — everyone had their eyes on Pacino’s phone case.

When Marie Bardi, social media producer at the “Blank Check” podcast, brought the phone case to Twitter’s attention, the photo soon went viral.

Pacino fans on social media absolutely lost it.Jason Momoa/ InstagramAl Pacino was at a group dinner celebrating the opening of a show of works by painter Julian Schnabel at a new gallery. Karwai Tang/WireImage“Al’s headphones continue to be iconic,” she writes about Pacino’s oft-seen wired headphones. “But I need a full investigation on whatever the f – – k is supposed to be on his iPhone case.”

Bardi then discovered a Shrek phone case on Amazon that resembles the phone case in the picture with the Hollywood actor. 

Twitter lost it after the realization.

“I’m begging you all to look at Al Pacino’s Shrek phone,” a user wrote.TwitterOne Twitter user argued that social media can’t be damaging to society because of this revelation.TwitterFinding out that Al Pacino has a Shrek phone case “maybe just changed my life,” a fan tweeted.Twitter“You can’t make this up, Al Pacino is literally the perfect man to exist and he likes Shrek,” one user wrote.


Another user quipped that the A-lister “really be down with the kids” for having the relatable phone case.

One fan called the phone case “life-shattering information.”Twitter“Nothing can hurt me ever again,” the fan added.TwitterAnother fan said the phone case adds to the reasons why Al Pacino is a “legend.”TwitterEven DreamWorks Animation pitched in on Twitter, saying “Real recognize real,” featuring an image of Shrek holding a phone case adorned with Pacino faces.

One fan on Twitter wanted confirmation and decided to reach out to the octogenarian’s 21-year-old daughter, Olivia, through Instagram DMs.

“There’s a bunch of people (including me) going crazy on twitter because they saw a picture of al in which it seems he has a shrek phone case,” Twitter user @katepenniman wrote in the message. “Is that possible? because that would be iconic lmao anyway have a nice day.”

Social media sleuths were quick to find the same case for sale on Amazon.AmazonOlivia laugh-reacted to the message and responded, “Yes it is hahah!”

Pacino’s now-viral phone case is still being sold on Amazon for just $12.95.

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