After Big Sean’s Dick Pic Allegedly Leaked, The Rapper Denied It’s Him. The Internet Had Jokes Anyway

There’s been a lot of ups and downs in Big Sean’s career, but rarely has a day on the internet been so #personal for the rapper. Namely: Fans now see exactly how the 5’8 rapper decided upon the moniker “Big Sean.” A photo is circulating that’s allegedly taken from Big Sean’s “Close Friends” Instagram story and then posted for the whole internet to see. And if it was real, that would be totally upsetting and not ok anyway. Even though, fans were definitely praising the pic because they thought his, ahem, endowment, was noteworthy.

After gossip publications like The Shade Room and others began reporting on the leaked nude, Sean made it clear from the jump that it’s not actually him, probably just another classic case of photoshop and posters wanting to post for clout. We get it. But since the world is descending back into hellacious chaos, and a pandemic is literally still going on, and some days it feels like these jokes are all we have, why not take a look at some of the reactions anyway, right? It’s a moment for all of us to gather together and celebrate the natural beauty of… someone? Hopefully whoever the member does belong to gets to see a few of these and have a laugh as well. Between this and Nelly, well, posting is getting out of control lately.

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