Action RPG ‘Date-Em-Up’ MAGLAM LORD Hits The West Early Next Year

Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTubePQube is among a group of publishers that consistently localises and brings Japanese titles to the West, and the latest on its slate is MAGLAM LORD, which arrived in Japan back in Spring. It’ll make its debut in North America and Europe on 4th February.
It’s a fantasy action RPG that features hack ‘n slack combat with rather cute characters, but blends that with dating sim elements. Below is part of the PR blurb, which also confirms that there’ll be DLC options tied into other popular franchises.
Take on the role of a Demon Lord, as your body becomes a mythic weapon to restore your former powers
Genre-defying gameplay with fast-paced and intuitive hack ‘n’ slash style real-time combat
Craft and customise weapons, forging unique blades with a huge variety of special effects and decorations
Find your true soulmate as you fight alongside your allies and build relationships with dating sim elements
Choose a male or female protagonist, each with unique art and voice acting
20+ DLC packs with content from franchises such as the ‘Tales of’ Series!
There’s also a rather handsome (and reasonably priced) limited edition; you can view the store page on Funstock here.
Image: Felistella / D3Publisher / PQubeIs this going on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments.

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