“A Follow Up With ASAP Elite”

Thissomebull.com recently had the opportunity to do a follow up conversation with Robert Penn. This time we catch up on topics as his podcast network is in the middle of expanding with plenty room for growth. The “ASAP Elite Network” is quickly becoming the premier sports podcast network.

TSB: Since the last time we spoke you’ve had a lot of success with your podcast, “ASAP Elite”, talk about your podcast.

Robert Penn: The flagship show records much less now due to four other productions spin-offs. The asap elite podcast as you know has evolved into ASAP ELITE MEDIA NETWORK. 

TSB: How has it been covering Arizona State football? 

Robert Penn: It has been a chance of a lifetime. The ASU football show is hands on fast paced. Moving to Arizona 4 years ago ,if  someone told me I would one day I will create , produce and host one of the dopest college football visual productions in the country, I would’ve simply replied “GO BLUE “, lol. Now , I am a Sun Devil fan also.  The best part of covering the program is networking. Literally building a business Brick by brick as well as having the support of the community is simply a blessing.

TSB: Let’s talk about your latest business venture that you’ve launched with your t-shirt brand. 

Robert Penn: Coming soon merchandise roll OUT.  A philanthropic time capsule of inspiration. The shirts will read favorite quotes of past and present NFL PLAYERS and Coaches. In addition to the official ASAP ELITE shirt and hat collection.

TSB: Explain to the readers who you’ve received quotes from?

Robert Penn: The quotes are from major college and NFL athletes and coaches. The Players will be revealed upon the official launch.

TSB: What’s next for Robert Penn and ASAP Elite?

Robert Penn: The college football season will be here quickly. Our attention will be focused on cementing the ASU FOOTBALL INSIDERS in heavy rotation. 

TSB: Contact information:

Robert Penn: ASAP elite media network IG

Conversation was conducted by: S.L Jackson(www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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