“A Father’s Pain”, The Story Of Kalvon Hawkins Fight For Justice

Some stories will stick with you from the moment you hear them. Kalvon Hawkins has one of those stories to tell the world. A Michigan City, Indiana native, Kalvon has had to deal with heartbreak no one would ever want to feel. In July of 2011, Kalvon suffered the ultimate loss when his daughter, NeKeisha Hodges-Hawkins was murdered at a sweet 16 party, days before her 18th birthday. Thissomebull.com spoke with Kalvon about these events, and his decision to co-author the recently released true crime novel, “Justice For NeKeisha: A Father’s Pain”.

TSB: Could you introduce yourself to our readers. 

Kalvon Hawkins: My Name is Kalvon Hawkins, I was born in Michigan City, In. But throughout my life went back and forth from Indiana to Texas. Texas is where my heart and my family reside.

TSB: Could you tell us about the tragic event that took place in July 2011?

Kalvon Hawkins: On July 24, 2011, my daughter NeKeisha Nicole “MONSTER” Hodges-Hawkins was murder at a sweet sixteen birthday party, four days before her birthday. July 28, 2011, NeKeisha would have turned eighteen. On her 18th birthday she received a casket.

TSB: What made you decide to write, “Justice For NeKeisha: A Father’s Pain”? 

Kalvon Hawkins: What made me write “Justice for Nekeisha. A Father’s Pain.”
I made a promise to NeKeisha while she laid there in her casket as I did her eulogy. That’s she would never be a Statistic. That she would be remembered worldwide. That everything I was going to do was going to involve her. On top of the police corruption and them solving the murder 45 mins after it happened. Then my family having to wait 5 to 6 years for justice. I had to let the world know the corruption my family had to endure.

TSB: How did you connect with Award-Winning Author S.L Jackson? 

Kalvon Hawkins: I came in contact with S.L. JACKSON when I went to California to be on the Gangster Chronicles Podcast. I told Big James McDonald, Norman Steele, MC Eiht that I wanted to write a book about Nekeisha’s Murder and how I solved her murder. Big James McDonald and Norman Steele called S.L. Jackson and we were on a conference call together exchanging information. A year and a half later the project was completed. I had started this project by myself in November of 2017 but stop writing.

TSB: What difficulties did you face while working on this project? 

Kalvon Hawkins: While writing this book I had to go back in a dark, dark, place. I had to relive this tragedy. I scared S.L. JACKSON for a second because I disappeared on him for about 5 months. The pain again was getting me sick with depression. So, one day S.L. called me and said listen, I need you to get up and write the Funeral Chapter for me. If you can write that chapter, you can write this book. So, I got up and 7 hours and a migraine headache later I wrote and sent in the chapter and laid down for 3 days.

When I got back up. The writing and putting in work didn’t stop. I was focused and determined.

TSB: When will “Justice For NeKeisha: A Father’s Pain” be released? 

Kalvon Hawkins:Justice For Nekeisha: A Father’s Pain” was released September 30th 2022.
You can get your copy on Bookbaby.com


TSB: Links and contact information. 

Kalvon Hawkins: I can be contacted @


justicefornekeisha@gmail.com (email)

nnmhhfinc@gmail.com (foundation)

teammonsterwear.com (clothing line)

@the_mad_scientists on Instagram

Conversation Conducted By: S.L Jackson (www.1sljackson.com Santoine@thissomebull.com)

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